about us

At JAENJOE, we're passionate believers in the extraordinary power of self-expression through fashion. We offer a unique canvas where tomboy style effortlessly dances with creative flair, giving you the freedom to express your one-of-a-kind personality. Our collections are meticulously designed for those who embrace bold and versatile fashion choices, perfectly matching your dynamic, confident, and cool spirit. With us, you're in for a fashion adventure where the boundaries are mere suggestions, and individuality reigns supreme. Our customers, the stylish tomboys and creative geniuses, drive our brand, confidently rocking their unique blend of tomboy style and creative spirit. They're the ones rewriting the style rules, making a statement that's unmistakably their own. 

JAENJOE was born out of the belief that fashion should know no boundaries. In an industry that often tries to pigeonhole us into specific sizes and sections, I wanted to create a brand for those who defy these categorizations. JAENJOE is here for the girls who confidently shop in the men's section and for everyone who refuses to be confined by labels. It's a place where you can finally find a home made just for you, where style knows no limits, and individuality reigns supreme.

The name JAENJOE is a reflection of the dynamic and versatile spirit that inspired this brand. Just like its founder, it embraces the duality of style, where sometimes you're Jae and other times you're Joe – a brand that caters to all facets of your unique personality.