WHY DIY SERIES: Hair Tips Edition

What is DIY?
DIY is short for "Do It Yourself". DIY is anything made by a person, rather than a product that is completely manufactured by a company. “Do it yourself” is the method of building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals. Many of us who were born in the late 80s and raised in the 90s are pretty late with this trend because we are accustomed to running to african hair salons to get box braids, or buying expensive skin products to help with acne. On the contrary, kids today are growing up pretty hands on. Everyone is DIY-ing--it's an epidemic. Here are some easy DIY hair tutorials that you can try to be creative and save money:


Ladies, the hair struggle is real. Just picking a style alone is difficult. I want to share my experiences with doing my hair versus getting it done at a salon. I'm sure everyone can relate to going with a picture for inspiration and coming out with something completely different. For example, after getting my hair done at the salon one day, I ended up cutting a 20-inch hair that I purchased into a 12-inch style and also cutting a closure into bangs. To become very familiar with styles, I reviewed blogs including Thecutlife.com as reference for short haircuts in natural and weave hairstyles. To become in touch with your own hair, while also having a hairstylist is a blessing.

A good DIY home project is important for all girls with black hair. One example of an original home hairstyle is the press and curl. It all depends on the stylist, the weave, the quality of hair, and your head shape (heart shaped,etc ) to find the right hairstyle. Do your research!

Crochet braids is another style option and it's not new. The hair world has been styling women’s hair in crochet since 1990. Crochet hairstyles have been used to enhance natural hairstyles, change hair colors, and to cut fake hair in all different styles. Crochet styles protect from heat damage and are the easy way to grow your hair out while exploring new styles. Like knitting, scraft the strands of hair (not on a track) can attach to a cornrow braid via a hair crochet needle and looping the hair through.

The craze sprung up about 3 years ago and became big in the natural hair community via youtube bloggers. Today, crochet braids are versatile and fun for the normalista's style. It's easy to cut, change the color of hair, and cover natural hair while growing.

Crochet box braids and crochet dreads are the new age answer. Two hour braids?YES PLEASE! This style allows you to sit in the chair for two hours instead of eight or nine hours! Braiding the outer edges and crocheting the middle of the hair makes it a breeze to have a box braid style. The same is true with crochet dreads, which have become all the rage recently. The magic is in taking the artificial Bob Marley hair and knotting it at the base, while wrapping the hair around your original hair in a coil-like nature. This creates the illusion of dreads without all the hassle and commitment. Women are in love with the versatility of these styles that would have taken them hours in the chair. With this DIY, you save money and time!

Hair today can be quickly styled at home, using many different methods. The average ponytail has upgraded since barrettes and ‘bobos’. There is the drawstring ponytail, sock bun method, and clip buns. For the first time, I tried a bun with braiding hair, twisting it to look similar to the Bantu knots. I loved the turnout and it was easy to do!

Another easy hairstyle is clip-in weaves. Clip-ins make your hair go from thin to thick, short to long, from casual to glam. You can buy clips at your local beauty supply story in different colors, sizes, and styles.

Styling your hair can be fun, but don't forget about your natural hair. Doing continuous styles can damage your hair, so be sure to do consistent treatments to maintain good healthy hair. Some ways to maintain healthy hair is by using natural oils and doing hair masks to treat hair at home.

Stay tuned for my next post in the the JOJO DIY series!

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