Our Story

This all started with an idea that we can be designers. When we were little girls, we would get ready for church every Sunday, and call each other as we were getting dressed to see what we were going to wear that day. We faced some  struggles of having a lot of clothes and always thinking,  "If only I can just adjust this right there" or "if only they made it like this."  As we grew older we realized we can change and design our clothing to our liking. Our sense of fashion evolved as we grew older but we always remained truly a tomboy. No matter what the new fashion trend, we both never could stray away from our sense of style and desire to dress for comfort. We are the girls who prefer over-sized clothing. We would go into our brother's closet and rock their shirts. JAE N JOE is for the girls who are like us. For the guys who are tired of basic items in their section. For the girls who have a different sense of style from what society wants them to dress like.  For anyone who wants to dress for fashion but also comfort.  JAE N JOE is a UNISEX line, for MEN AND WOMEN.

Our goal and mission is to be able to provide fashion for all, to provide clothes that people wear for fashion and comfort and most of all to just look dope. JAE N JOE is just getting started and excited to share, empower and provide all sorts of dope-ness. 

JAE N JOE was birthed by two best friends: Joanna Modestil aka JO_EM and Johanna Desrosiers aka JOJOSAYZ.