Summer Bodies are made in the Winter

It begins in the summer, the thoughts of a perfect body and wanting your latest seasons crop tops and athletic gear to sit just right on your stomach and waist. The motivation to begin is the hardest, but once I’m over that lump let the games begin.

After noticing this sudden little pudge that wants to poke out I said “Ooh NO” and joined a gym and decided to care for my health. I don't want any drastic change in my weight as I am very happy with it. I’ve seen my body sculpted in some areas mainly my core, and physical exercising has become a routine. I have one of three options in the summer a few at home workouts, outdoors and the gym. When the weather is nice, I actually prefer outdoor work out’s the most where I can just clear my thoughts, either at a park or mountain trail of some sort. 

If time permits I try training at least 3 times a week including lots of exercises that build core sculpting. This includes very minimal cardio, lots of sit-ups and core workouts, I use my own body weight consistently and get my body pumping for one hour. For those seeking a JoJoSayz core focus on abs, buttock and legs.

Now that winter is upon us, I’m not giving up. I find that the secret to a summer body all year round is motivation. I have a member ship now with retro fitness. Bringing a friend always helps me, having that accountable buddy to motivate drives the workout and before I knew it, the training is done.

Seeking a JOJOSAYZ Core:

1. Warm up and raise heat rate: 40 Jumping Jacks

2. Upper Body movement: 20 push-ups (if you can’t do that many people begin where they are capable and build each workout.)

3) Core Workout: perform two sets of 40 sit ups

4) Get the glutes moving: 50 squats

5) Legs baby: 20 Lunges (per leg)

6) Finish with: 60 seconds wall sits