What You Wear Under Matters

What’s Under and What’s Really Good?

Waist training is all the rage along with smooth move tea’s and all different kind of tricks and remedies for slimming the belly and having a healthy you in 2017. Along with the often workout routine, which is an important factor for helping the digestive system, sweating out toxins and keeping the stress off is a healthy way to train with your home gals. You are the most important person in your life as you watch your health in the gym you can also do so with girdles or waist trainers. I’ve got a little secret: What the blogs, Instagram post and all the tea’s and waist trainer ads don’t tell you is how important posture is to a woman body. If you’ve ever seen the woman on runway shows and pageants you can unexpectedly admire the educate of shoulders back, lower back out and stomach muscles tightened and the look of the woman with an invisible book on her head. Not all of us can achieve this without the usual reminder from a strong back and a waist trainer. Also, the body shapers make your clothes look seamless if not flaunting a cotton dress and hold all your organs in place, even pushing them upward and in place for a smaller waist line. Pushing all your bumps and humps in the right place, while breaking a sweat or without it. The hourglass sexy shape along with beautiful straight posture is given immediately and you can be healthy with a smaller waist.

Lingerie, is that health or confidence?

Let’s try a little challenge, try wearing the sexiest lingerie and silk under your clothes every day for 7-days! I promise you will enhance the pheromones and inner confidence. I’ve been eyeing the Nubian Skin brand dedicated to the Black woman’s skin tone of Nude for all melanin tones in colors as Berry, Cinnamon, Caramel and Café tu Late, celebrating all woman of all skin tones and finding that just right nude undergarment to make a woman feel sexy and add a little pep in your step while enjoying running errands on the weekend. The brand is dedicated to the skin tone of the woman who wants a custom color skin tone in comparison to the typical colors on the market. Why shouldn’t woman of color have the choice? If you happen to have the shirt slip and reveal a melanin nude (Nubian Style) Bra. Also, the Erica M. line is always a great way to the alternative stocking. Another Black Owned business dedicated to hostelry’s and stocking, taking a classic concept to the conventional hosieries from the 40’s with a larger fishnet design and intricate designs. Bodysuits that defy the norm of a simple black suit with knitted designs in sheer hosiery give the feeling of luxury if worn as a shirt or under your silk shirt.

There’s something about wearing a sexy piece of lingerie (although this has nothing to do with health and all to do with confidence) under your slouchy jeans, leather and flannel on a winter day. I mean a woman with a little piece of lace under her work garments or even a garter belt under the everyday errands outfit can put a pep in her step. Count it as a way

So, let’s tip our hats off for the girdle, waist trainer and even occasional undergarment that gave confidence and that invisible poster and a slim waist line for all the woman.

Here are some Black Owned undergarment businesses for woman of color: http://nubianskin.com/ http://ericam.com/

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