Traveling Smart

Traveling is becoming a new way to educate yourself. While traveling, you can learn about different cultures, languages, people, and you can also learn a lot about yourself. The commercial market is aware of the benefits of traveling and has made international traveling easier over the years. There are numerous travel blogs, profiles, discount sites, and travel planners that are encouraging people to travel more. In this post, I’ll discuss some practical ways to prepare for your next vacation and travel smart.

Depending on your destination, the length of stay, and your personal income, budgeting can vary for everyone. Whether your budget is $1,000 or $3,000, make sure you have a plan that is thoroughly laid out at least 2-3 months before you travel. Some of the main travel expenses include a flight, hotel/lodging accommodations, food, leisure activities, ground transportation, and extra money for miscellaneous events.

Flight & Hotel
Flight and hotel are often the most expensive items on a vacation budget. The key to getting good deals is research and making reservations early. For flights, there are a few good sites that will give you discounts to amazing destinations. Secret Flying and Skyscanner have amazing deals. For lodging, home renting has become really popular. Sites such as Airbnb allow you to rent lavish homes for a few days with your friends. You can find homes for 2 or 30 of you and your friends, anywhere in the world. Some people prefer this arrangement to hotels because they have easy access to the pool, kitchen, their friends, etc. Renting also tends to be a bit cheaper when you split the cost amongst your friends.

Plane Etiquette
Now I know traveling is exciting, but still have some etiquette when boarding the flight, during the flight, and while exiting the flight:

Boarding the flight. If you have a lot of things to put in the overhead bins, try to let some people behind you pass to find their seats. Holding up the line for more than 15 seconds creates unnecessary traffic, which could possibly delay the flight.

Did you know? Did you know that if you are traveling with a first-class passenger, you can board early with them? No need to wait! I did that with Angela Simmons and while traveling with my current boss. Don’t push it if you outnumber the people in first class, but it’s good to try!

During the flight. Turn your music down. Try not to get up 4 times on a 2-hour flight. Wake up for your food. The person next to you doesn’t want to talk the entire flight--let them sleep. Don’t let small children make the aisles a jungle gym.
Exiting the flight. Please don’t run out as soon as the signal goes off. Let the rows before you exit first!

Travel Essentials
Before getting on the plane for your exotic getaway, make sure you have these Jojo Travel Essentials:

1. Sunscreen! Whether you’re black or white, you need sunscreen to be safe in the sun.
2. Passport holders are the best way to keep organized at the airport.
3. Statement sunglasses/shades can spice up any plain T-shirt.
4. Cute maxi dress for when you need to get dressed quickly.
5. Stunning one-piece swimsuit for when you’ve eaten too much.
6. Small backpack for the airport and for the beach.
7. A good book for the plane ride or for tanning under the sun.

Enjoy your vacation!