Tips: Getting Ready For A Night Out in Town

A night out on the town, prepping for a fun night full of dancing, joy and catching up with friends. As I sit on my bed looking for what to wear, I think should I invite my friends over to get the party started before we go. The answer is yessssss! I call a few friends over for a quick glam session. Full of lashes, face mask, jokes and runway shows in the living room. As they show up I'm ecstatic, now the pre-party is started. We all cram into my bedroom, full of natural makeup and clothes everywhere, I'm looking for the right outfit to wear. 


1. Always dress for the occasion/ scan the invite for tips on the crowd, if it's a friend go all out and dress up for a special occasion like birthdays, what type of special affair it is is always an important question. All black in NYC is always a go to outfit. Fits for all occasions. Depending if its a club vs lounge or just a kickback that determines you shoe choice. Getting dressed with my friends helps at times because we feed off each other. If my friend is looking mostly dress I tend to feed off that and that determines what I may wear. 

2. Prepare all your clothes out and ironed and start makeup first, makeup can change your mood or hairstyle choice, and although I'm a Nars concealer and vaseline girl I find that a little lash, luminzer glow or even a touch of powder and gloss can determine my attitude towards my hair. Depending on what hairstyle I do. If its a serious reconstruction I usually would do my hair first so that way all the grease or hair products aren’t on my hands or forehead.

3. Straighten the hair and don’t be afraid to ask a homegirl to help. If I'm wearing a weave I try to straighten my hair right before walking out the door, this leaves little time for frizz and fuss. Curling wand is my tool of choice when curling my hair. Its so easy and quick to use.

4. I'm always thinking about the best way to accessorize an outfit, whether it's footwear and jewelry or a jacket and hat are the last clothing I put on. With your homegirl there a mini- fashion show has begun in my iving room with yay’s and nays flying out on each piece of clothes we put on. As usual we are probably running late so this process is rushed.

Before you Walk out the DOOR
1. Dress for the weather, season and event
2. Pack a small bag full of essentials, good smells, hand sanitizer, lipstick for the night and if I am wearing heels some extra flats. You never know what kind of night you may have.
3. Get in the car, or über and go!

And now the girls and I are out the door, lashes blinking and ready to paint the city red.