The Art of Side Hustling

At the end of the day, our day jobs are just a part of who we are. The 9-5 pays the bills, but there is often that hobby, that skill, or that passion that truly makes you excited and happy. So what do you do? Leaving your job isn't always the smartest option because bills won't pay themselves. The solution is simple: side-hustle.

Side-hustling is a great way to pay the bills with your day job, while pursuing your passions on the side. I am currently a side hustler and it is the best thing that I could have ever done. While I am currently an Executive assistant by day, I am a proud Entrepreneur by night.

I’m going to share my thoughts on the good and bad of side hustling based off of my experience:

The Good
1. Extra Income. Who doesn't want extra income? If you have a good business idea, don't wait to quit your job. Maximize your income by doing both!

2. Independence. It feels good to answer to yourself and do what you love. If you're feeling stuck at work, starting your own side business can give you a great sense of freedom.

3. Fulfillment. If you're at your day job just to pay the bills, that's ok. Side h ustling allows you to pay the bills, but not forget about yourself or your passion.

The Challenges
1.No Sleep.

2.Balancing. When you decide to start a business or passion project, you won't have the same amount of freedom that you once had. After getting off work at 6, it's dinner and then back to work! This time, you're working for yourself.

3. Money. Once you finally decide to start your business, be prepared to spend your own money on start-up costs. Before you can actually make money, your need to make investments to get you started.

A lesson learned. Before I started working, I wish I took advantage of when my parents were around. When they were around to help, I could have been ahead of the game as I work towards my passions on the side and worked a 9-5. Now that my parents have moved to Haiti, getting my side hustles off the ground is a lot more stressful. Trying to work, keep up with my lifestyle, and chase my passions is hard work. So never take your support system for granted!

Will I side hustle forever?

I think I will always have a side hustle. Today, it is not enough to live off of one income. I want to be an entrepreneur with multi businesses because I have many passions. For that reason, I will always have something going on.