Surviving Made in America

Mark your calendars. Every Labor Day weekend Jay-Z puts together the major festival with music artists from all walks of life and different genres to perform on different stages in the city of Brotherly Love for their fans who are made in America. Now I am Haitian but that parkway is a bit to much for me so settling for Made In America ain't half bad. I been to this festival about three times now. This year was my first time going with my friends for the entire weekend. It was EPIC and experience I will never forget. After three times and finally experience the festival full throttle I figured it's time to share some of tips and secrets I have made. And check out this year and last year's recap videos I made. 

  1. Stay Connected. Get the Made In America APP - to stay on top of lineup, get cool notifications about contests etc. registry your wristband to not have to bring your card everywhere. So you don't have to worry about losing your cash or card 
  2. Look for a Airbnb in advance. If you have a big group defintely suggest AirBnb it will save you lots of money. Or if you plan on staying at hotel, "The Logan" is walking distance and is very popular. Everyone goes there so be sure to book this as soon as possible as well.  Anything in the area of Center City, Logan Square, Chinatown you will be good. 
  3. Parking? Be sure to add to the filter search when looking for a place to stay that there is parking. Parking is difficult to find and parking garages are expensive; avoid bringing a car to eliminate unnecessary parking costs- the car will sit in the garage while you enjoy your weekend walking everywhere.
  4. Schedule your day. Its all about time management and pacing yourself. Prepare and Research beforehand. Know who is performing. There is a lot of other great artists besides the "headiners" that you may or may not know performing throughout the day that you don't want to miss. Festivals are a good way to embrace and experience different type of music and enjoy other artists. 
  5. Pregame. Eat a good big meal before you head out and get some shots in early. Food is expensive and mediacore and they only serve expensive Budweiser.
  6. Dress comfortably and appropriate for the weather. If you see rain be sure to dress in layers and get your pocho for less beforehand. They charge a grip if you purchase out there on that walk into the festival. Wear comfortable shoes. You are on your feet 95% the other 5% be sure to wear pants or have a flannel around your waist that you don't mind sitting on there are no seats. Just curbside and grass.
  7.  Monitor your drinking. staying dehydrated at same time. Have a bottle of a water on one hand and a beer on another. You are allowed to bring a empty aluminum and factory sealed bottles up to 1 liter.The festival offers free filtered water services onsite with many water stations throughout the festival. You can take advantage of the free water and stay hydrated all day.
  8. Bring booze. Although it says you can't bring a lot of things. Find ways to hide items on your body and clothing. Little nips, or fill water bottles with vodka. They are rushing hundreds of people through a line they are not patting you down. I walked in with a water bottle filled with vodka.
  9. Bring the essentials. You will need a portable charger. Although it is very hard to get good service there. You need your phone in case of any emergencies. Pack lightly. You dont want to be carrying a luggage all day. 
  10. No New Friends. Try not to roll to deep to these sorta festivals. You will just be angry and very frustrated trying to keep with one another. More than 6 in a group you will never be able to stay together the entire time. Try to stay together but be sure to have a meet up spot in case your phone dies and you separate from your group.

I hope my tips are helpful. Check out my recap videos below. I made my first "recap" video at Made In America last year. Yes, its just that much footage lol. But Made in America inspired me watching back snaps since then I always make these black and white recaps. Its becoming a passion of mines. Hope you enjoy and let me now your thoughts.