Social Media

Social media is now a large part of our society, whether we like it or not. Nowadays, social media is responsible for business growth, relationships, breakups, marriages, new friendships, and everything in between. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can either make or break you. Here are my tips to making sure you control your platforms and not allow them to control you.

Top 3 Social Media To Dos

  1. Determine the purpose of your platform and stick to it. If you use your page to share your personal journey, then do that. But don’t mix too much of your personal life with your business or company. Sometimes it’s best to keep them separate so that you protect your professional brand. Instagram allows you to create different pages on one account so that your followers aren't confused.
  2. Be mindful of your audience. Remember that your boss could be looking at your personal page, so if there are some questionable posts, I would make it private. If you have a business page, make it public but also make sure those posts are clean. You want to share enough to tell a story. It’s OK to give a quick snapshot of your life and what you’re working on, but keep your personal life personal. Don't go promoting alcohol or turning up unless that is your line of business. Even if that is your business, the posts should be from a professional standpoint. Today, there are many people who are getting fired for inappropriate posts. I had to learn to choose my posts wisely, by thinking about the message I was sending to others. Also, if you’re in a relationship of some sorts, don’t post too much about it (because no one cares) and be careful what you comment.
  3. Think about the aesthetics. When people look at my feed, I want them to say: “Your whole page is nice overall and not just one photo.” The order of my posts matters to me because it’s all about the display and the aesthetics. Visitors are very critical of a page’s overall display before becoming new followers. If you just have a lot of random quotes, party promotion fliers, or all selfies, you most likely will be less interesting to want to follow.

Top 3 Social Media Dont’s’

  1. Don't over post. Be consistent, but also give space between your posts so that others can engage and interact on those posts.
  2. Don't over do it with the same type of posts. This includes quotes, selfies, nature pictures, workout pictures, food, etc. Be creative and show a variety of different things.
  3. Don’t overuse filters. Don't be afraid to use a filter, but not all the time. The filter is there to provide a look that goes with the overall feel of the page, so use it wisely. A filter should only enhance a photo.

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Social media is growing everyday with new updates and features. Stay on top of them. Try them out. Be you and don't simply post what others post. Post content that you’re passionate about because social media is a chance for people to learn about you. They will learn who you are, what you like, and how you see life, so keep it real!