Music On My Playlist: Haitian/Afro-Beats

Haitian music runs thru my old but Afro-beat music Always had a piece of my heart. African music is one my favorite genre of music when I traveled to Africa I more became interested in African music, I find myself bouncing my head the whole time as I listen to Afro- beats.

As Afro-beat music grows in the U.S. it makes waves in the American music market like reggae and Haitian music is not just for Labor Day anymore, its being heard on mainstream radio all year around. The music is making a rise and some noise into mainstream American radio.

Afro – beats has influenced the way we listen to music today, the way we dance and how we except our own culture. The song that caught my attention is one that caused an uproar, woman everywhere where looking for “Johnny”. Being suspicious of her man and dancing her way through it, last summer when the video came out, the background of a village as African’s danced their way to find Johnny lol Yemi Alade song Johnny is a classic hit full of woman’s intuition.

One of My top songs on my everyday playlist is Flavour - Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix)! This song became famous by the way of clubs and radio. The enticing beat makes you move and is another instant classic. And another one of my all time favs is The song by BM – EBEBI makes dancing easy as you thump to the beat. The Congolese artist is fluent in making beats, using his own language and voice at the forefront of the music, on top of the beat. The UK artist shot to the top of the charts in London. He uses one of the four native languages as a platform to raise both countries up, the UK and Congolese.

For all those who want to be Haitian and be down you must know the classics. Every true Haitian knows Michel Martelly Aka Sweet Mickey- I don't care. If you don't know the son get to it.

DJ Platnuim D mixed and makes the hottest music around, his whole album is great but the one that plays over and over on my playlist is Ou pa ka fe sa (feat. Bann'D), and Se pa’w mwen ye (Forever) by T-Vice begins with a Techno beat and then straight into Haitian music. A smooth beat and the singing in a more of a RnB form that takes over the speakers. Speaking of love that last forever.

As your head is full of afro and Haitian beats I bid you farewell, enjoy the new and old music of my heritage and look out for new music from numerous artist on the underground scene coming to America.