Meet J. Philippe

I've been enjoying her music, a rising star this Jersey Haitian woman's rap and videos are dope. No gray area for a fan of J. Philippe, her confidence either pulls you in as J. Philippe fan or not, shrugs, either way she is doing GREAT. Her attitude is the brand, J. Philippe.

Her songs "Great" and "Bad Apple" are more than rap, spoken word and reputation make her music a contender as a new kid on the block making hits. The musical bridge in "Bad Apple" only allows her to show woman empowerment with a rap while waiting for the piano to drop again. Reverbing her belief in self and belief in her music and convictions with a chopped and screwed voice echoing her. The hippie look and feeling of her video are clear. But the simple electric piano 5 cord's in the song "GREAT" and 808’s give the song an electric feel and bass in "The Waffle Dinner (Syrup)" carrying the beat in the song. The bass and snares are over powering, only adding to the longing for the reverdes of her inner voice. J.Philippe rap rises to the top of the beat always.

I am a very visual person and I can appreciate when artists take their time and put some thought in their visuals just as much as they do their music. Her new video "Bad Apple" I really love and the visuals of all the models, a melanin women in their natural state full of forest and natural hair moving around a foreign land opposite from the concrete jungle of Jersey. An ode to women's empowerment the beautiful African American girls of all shades hanging in the forest as a girl gang. She exudes confidence becoming the girl you want to have a camper moment with and listen to her music. The relaxed nature of her strong woman vibe is the overall package, she not only brings music to play in your car, and thump through your speakers but her visuals are matched. Her album artwork and videos are well executed, which only adds to J. Philippe image. She promotes fun in woman empowerment and individual style.

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