10 Things I Wish I Did in My Late Twenties Before Turning 30

This is for girls who are in their late 20s quickly approaching 30 and feeling the pressure. As I reflect on my journey at 37, there are some crucial lessons I wish I had known when I was in your shoes, navigating the tumultuous waters of entering a new decade. Here are some pearls of wisdom I'd like to share:

  1. Be Yourself, Unapologetically: Embrace your uniqueness and authenticity. Don't mold yourself to fit societal expectations. Your individuality is your greatest strength.

  2. Stay Connected to Your Inner Child: Growing older doesn't mean abandoning the playful spirit of your youth. Hold onto the curiosity, wonder, and joy that defined your childhood. Life is too short to take everything too seriously.

  3. Find Joy in the Little Things: In the midst of life's challenges, make an effort to appreciate the small moments of happiness and beauty around you. Cultivate gratitude for the simple pleasures in life.

  4. Prioritize Friendships: While life may lead you in different directions from your childhood friends, cherish those bonds and invest time in nurturing them. Make an effort to stay connected, even if it means adjusting to changing dynamics.

  5. Independence in Travel: Don't wait for others to join you on adventures. Take solo trips and embrace the freedom to explore the world on your terms. Create memories and experiences that are uniquely yours.

  6. Flexibility and Invest in Relationships: Understand that friendships evolve and change over time. Be adaptable and open to forming new connections while also honoring the history and significance of old friendships. Cultivate meaningful connections with friends, family, and partners. Quality relationships enrich your life and provide support during challenging times.

  7. Balance Responsibility with Playfulness: While adulthood brings responsibilities, don't forget to infuse your life with moments of playfulness and spontaneity. Allow yourself to let loose and have fun, even amidst the chaos of daily life.

  8. Self-Care is Non-Negotiable: Prioritize your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Make self-care practices a daily priority, whether it's through meditation, exercise, or simply indulging in activities that bring you joy and don't forget to moisturize your entire body daily for healthy skin.

  9. Embrace Imperfection: Let go of the pressure to have everything figured out. Embrace the messy, imperfect journey of self-discovery and growth. It's okay to make mistakes and learn from them along the way.

  10. Stay Curious and Open-Minded: Approach life with a sense of curiosity and a willingness to explore new ideas and experiences. Keep an open mind and never stop learning and evolving.

As you embrace this new chapter in your life, remember that you are capable, resilient, and deserving of all the love and happiness that the world has to offer. Trust in yourself, follow your passions, and continue to journey boldly into the unknown.

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