In one word, my trip to Puerto Rico was EPIC. I had an amazing time. I traveled a lot the past few years and never once have I been so sad to go back home. This trip was so fulfilling and memorable, I want to say that it was one of my best trips yet. I stayed for four nights and five days and some of my other friends stayed longer. I traveled with my hippie friends, we were celebrating our friends' 30th birthday and what better way to bring in their thirties where they were born. We were a group of
13, this being my first group trip of guys and girls and a group of more than 3, I had my reservations but honestly it was amazing. I mean we hippies we get along, it's always FRIENDSHIP vibes and we love each other but we grew closer and became a big family in this trip.

Living In Puerto Rico

Since we had such a big group we decided to rent a house. Now let me tell you, I always been iffy about AirBNBs and being in someone's home. This was the first house I rented and it was beautiful, truly paradise, we got a huge mansion like house that was just right for us. The house was so big, I never felt crowded, even when we had a legit party and all of the birthday boys' family in Puerto Rico, damn near the hole country chilled comfortably in that house (yes, they rolled that deep). You always could find a place to hide out and have a moment for your thoughts. Being in the house was like home and we were all so devastated to leave it. 

The cost of living wasn't to shabby either. I mean with such a big group we split cost of most things and we did a few big grocery runs to cut down on costs. Transportation out there was always accessible. They have uber everywhere and taxis. But from the airport to your destination you have to get a taxi. Uber doesn't do airport pickups, they only drop off to the airport. It was difficult to get a taxi thought, the minute you walk out the airport there is a line for the taxis. During your time in Puerto Rico, to save some pocket money I suggest sticking to riding with ubers because the taxi drivers were definitely overcharging. Most people speak English but a good amount didn't so it's important to have a Spanish speaking person with you or the handy translation apps that apple provides. 


The people in Puerto Rico seemed very nice. Everyone was welcoming, so informative and helpful. We were greeted with love and smiles. The people of Puerto Rico seem to enjoy life as if they are always in vacation. I loved their style of dancing and their music. The culture of Puerto Rico to me is all about strength, love and living. I loved it. Our friends family welcomed each and everyone of us as if we were their cousins, nieces or nephews. I was so proud to know I was their friend. We felt like royalty. The photo here is a photo of Pedro Alibizu Campos. He was a Puerto Rican attorney and politician, and the leading figure in the Puerto Rican independence movement, and ancestor to our friends. I was amazed to see how much history was rooted in their family and the community. While exploring we took a risk and went to the "La Perla" aka the hood. WARNING! Do not visit this area if you are not with a local.
We traveled with locals and before entering the people in the hood warned us not to come and also told us to not take photos of residence. I must say I been a lot of places and different hoods, so I wasn't scared but the minute you walked in you knew you wasn't in Kansas anymore. Despite the warnings, the second we walked in, we were greeted with loved and arms open wide by a local neighbor as you see in the photo below. She offered us Puerto Rican beer (Mendalla - great beer!) and gave us a few pointers. No matter where we went I felt home and safe. The people of Puerto Rico make Puerto Rico!


Exploring the town

We traveled with people who lived in Puerto Rico so we had the first hand experience. We visited old San Juan which was so beautiful. So much art and good vibes there.  We also got the chance to go the Castillo San Felipe del Morro also known as Fuerte San Felipe del Morro or Castillo del Morro, is a 16th-century citadel located in San Juan . It was such a beautiful site. As we sat there on top of the fort reflecting on all the brave souls who risked their lives for Puerto Rico's independence, at that moment, you realize and appreciate the country and the experience. I was so grateful to have been there with my friends and to understand the history and culture.
The beaches are awesome and clubs are lit. We went to club Brava and it was huge, like three floors! I had so much fun that night. The nightlife is crazy there are places open till after 4am, PR knows how to party!!. La Placita had to be my favorite place to go to for night activities. It's like the jungle of bar hopping. Locals and tourists everywhere, corner store with liquor, food drinks, bars, music, clubs/lounges.
No entry fee just hop from bar to bar. It's so much fun. The food is amazing! For you pork lovers enjoy cause they have the best pork. There is one taco spot that had thee best taco called La Frontera, they are known for their tacos. The weather during the winter is about 80 degrees and to them that's cold. I am so grateful I got to experience Puerto Rico  and have to go again and again. So much more to see. And more memories to make. I can't wait!