Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Miami. I was there for short period of time but I was able to enjoy many different and new places. I didn't realize how much I traveled to Miami in the past for many different occasions with different people. So my experience in Miami always feels new and different from the last time. Miami is huge and there is so much to do. So you will never really get tired of traveling there. For those who never been to Miami, this is a great place to start and get a peek a boo of the tourist life. I must say it is a much more expensive trip. I traveled to Dominican Republic and spent a lot less money out there. So just be sure to watch your spendings. This time around I tried my best to budget, going places I researched on yelp reviews and menus that looked appetizing, fun and that wouldn't be a dampers to my pockets. 


Again, Miami is huge so your location is everything. So when traveling here be strategic on your itinerary and how you want to get around. I'm still trying to understand the difference between Miami Beach and South Beach, other than the fact that South Beach is literally south and at the far end of the beach. South Beach is a lot quieter than Miami Beach more of a residential feel. This is where I stayed this time around. Now I enjoyed my time in South Beach, but you will need a car to get around as most restaurants and activities are not walking distance as it would be if you stayed in Miami Beach. I must say I loved being away from it all when I was actually on Beach. I could catch sun in a quiet not so tourist-y area. Felt like I was at a private beach. If your a person who doesn't care for the Beach at all or maybe just plan to visit the beach for a day. I suggest looking into places to stay in Wynwood or Brickell Miami. I saw some gorgeous houses there and those areas seem to be fun. 


Miami has plenty of hotel options and apartments and houses you can rent. I stayed at a AirBNB. The positive thing was it had a pool with an amazing in house tiki bar poolside with awesome drink choices, food and easy access to the beach. The cost wasn't too bad, if I had more time to plan I would probably would have been able to find some better options for better price. Cost varies depends on the location and amenities. Miami Beach is very tourist based so just know they are charging much more then they should.  


There are many other popular places to go other than LIV that is popular on Sundays according to Lil' Wayne and Drake . Here are some of the places I recommend that I got to go visit during my trip. 

    1. Wet Willie's located on the popular Ocean Drive is the first pit spot I just had to make. When I traveled here years years ago it was so different hottest spot on the strip now it's just feels like any other spot. Maybe it's because I am older but regardless I still suggest everyone gets a Miami's Wet Willie experience sometime in life. The go to drink is the "call me cab" it does the job in one cup, I promise. 
    2. Fat Tuesdays just a few blocks away from Wet Willie's didn't go this past trip, they closed kinda early compared to other places. But as I passed I heard the music was bumping, sounded like it was a legit club in there. 
    3. I tried a place called Limetree it was so cute like most Miami spots they sell you on the scenery and vibes. This Mediterranean restaurant is located in the heart of Collins Ave. with amazing hookah with different options. 
    4. There is a entire area of Miami Beach called Espanola way. It's beautiful when you go there you definitely feel like you are outside of the country with amazing restaurants to go visit and try along the way. Havana 1957 is a Cuban restaurant not only is their food superb but their mojitos are amazing. They had so many different flavors, I loved the mango and the pineapple one. 
    5. Mare Mio is the best place to go if you are a lover of mussels and oysters. This seafood restaurant is located also in Espanola way. The place is so cute and the vibes are just right. 
    6. Lincoln Road Mall, a 10-block outdoors mall. You can spend an entire day their in between shopping going to restaurants on the block, there even is a movie theater there on the black. 
    7. Divine Hookah lounge located on Lincoln Road mall. Was on of the places I stopped while exploring to grab a quick bite. Its a lounge with outdoors seating, their hookah is great and their happy hour is even better. 2 for 1 drink deals, how can you beat that? 
    8. My last recommendation for places you should visit is Wynwood. This area is for the edgy, artsy fartsy type of people who are ready to just kick back and enjoy the weather and scenery. I love it here. The next time I go to Miami I think I will look for a place to stay there and just travel to beach one day or two days out of my trip. And you know I live for the beach, but That's how much I loved it. Wynwood was right up my alley. When you visit Wynwood you have to go to Wynwood Walls which is free and open to public. It's like a museum of art. Walls of art filled of different artist work. The creativity and the inspiration you get walking around leaves you feeling blissful. Just an overall feel good moment. 
    9. After walking around and all the eating, if you are looking to have some fun and get into some nightlife activities. Coyo Taco is the place. When you first walk in it will seem like a regular taco stand or shop but when you go towards the back there is the hidden gem... it says employees only but it is the hippest club I have been to. Cool laid back people, not afraid to dance, roll up and have a good time. 
    10. In the same area near by I also went to Wood Tavern where I found amazing deals like $3 beers. It was like heaven with open bar compared to expensive drinks I been drinking my entire trip. Very laid back and fun! They had a big giant Jenga in the middle for everyone to play. I was able make some friends and kick some ass here and there. JK I definitely lost but I had a blast. I must say night out in Wynwood was one of the best nights. 

Getting around I would just talk to a waiter or uber and ask for recommendations funny one girl I asked sent me to another place called employees only ini Miami Beach. It was a great time but beware and be sure to do your own reasarch because I didn't realize it was a gay bar until after I noticed the all the guy bartenders were in sexy robes. Haha. Gotta love Miami. 

Cost and Community

The people of Miami seemed to be cool. It's not easy to be able to identify who is a local or a tourist but most people seem nice. When I jumped in a Uber somehow I always got in a car with a Spanish or Latin person. Miami seems to be filled with that culture and also Haitians of course. 

The cost of vacationing in Miami, as I mentioned before is a bit pricey. They include tip most places but for me to eat a an average meal and one or two drinks I would say I spent no less than $35-40 just for me. I took uber everywhere spending at least $8 dollars one way to go back and forth to Miami Beach or when I traveled to go to Wynwood it maybe cost like $15 dollars one way. And this is just a random day in the afternoon. If you plan on having a good night out you will definitely need more than chump change in your pockets.

Miami is all about the night life and the turn up. Places are open till like 5am over there. You can have cool calm beach nights. Miami is all about the good time. If you and your friends are looking for some sun and a turn up. Miami is a nice place to go. 


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