Costa Rica is on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and the Carribean Sea has two main airports. We flew into one, but the natural greenery is beautiful the island is full of rainforest and volcanoes and mountains. For my best friends special day, we celebrated her 30th Birthday and flew out to Costa Rica. We looked for adventurous events to celebrate, which the country is known for. Now I must say this was a rushed trip and traveling with friends I had to do some research. Kayak and BookIt can help you book a flight and resort in one. The flights to Costa Rica are expensive but booking last minute we found some flights for cheap being ready at all times to book your flight and watching the price change as it was a last minute weekday fare sale. When a last minute trip is an option, finding ways to get around and travel with a keen eye on savings and spendings is key. Getting acquainted with the time change, exchange of money and accustomed to Costa Rican traditions are all on the list.

Don't over pack is always the first rule, throw all your clothes in one place, out on display and only pack half, but pack extra sneakers. The forest like terrain caused my shoes to be full of mud in between the rainfall and zip lining. What comes after this is a rushed packing turned into a wanderlust experience in Costa Rica with friends.

November is the ending of their rainy season and since the country has so much rain forest, yes, there was a lot of rainfall and humidity at the same time, there is plenty of micros- climate depending on elevation and the region. The hurricane and rainfall lasted about a day and a half and the next couple days the sun shined. My friends birthday is November 25th right around Thanksgiving. We traveled Wednesday - Sunday, and for the first time ever, we had a thanksgiving enthralled in the hurricane in Costa Rica. Grateful I did a "Friendsgiving" (all the friends get together and cook and kiki around the dinner table) back home because Thanksgiving was lacking out there, besides the obvious fact that there was no family time or turkey or home cooked Haitian meals at the table.

We stayed at the all-inclusive resor called Dreams. The resort made amazing drinks I must say and had every mixed drink under the sun. I love a good pickle back, so when I got there thanks to the amazing wifi and good old google translate I was able to land some pickle juice.

It is an attractive resort with idyllic settings. It had a "private" beach attached but it wasn't as aquiform like as other tropical beaches I saw and didn't seem heavily populated with tourist and resort-goers, so I didn't do much beach days. I must say it is a beautiful resort, though. The nonprivate beach near it not such a fan I just ran across the sand spontaneously one morning.

The day of Thanksgiving happened to be an announced hurricane. There was no food for thanksgiving in the coincidence that day was the hurricane caused service and travel unsafe outside of the rooms . The resort took all the necessary precautions from what I understand as this hurricane did have damages on the island and people died. Such destruction brought to a country. I'm grateful we were safe but it felt as if we missed a whole day of vacation and was on lockdown for the entire day so celebrating her birthday was a little hard. The downside of the resort is it is very far and isolated unless you are staying for a long period of time, over 2 weeks, you will not have enough time to really explore the island . The resort service was alright. I loved that they had a preferred customer VIP. We had the best room full packaged and a bar and lounge only for VIP customers. But most of waiters barely understood English so it was hard to be communicate at times.

Overall my experience at the resort was satisfactory, mostly for couples and families. They have itineraries for each day we did zip lining for excursion and it was awesome. Ziplining was one of my highlights of the trip. All different distances through the forest, it was 11 lines, zipping through the tropical forest is definitely an amazing experience. The place is tropical year round, and right off the equator so once the sun shined the many pools and cabanas everywhere were occupied with me and my friends. The sun was hot and perfect weather for a tan.

Definitely, pack a good bug spray, even though I'm from Haiti I have never been bitten so much in my life. Overall Costa Rica is a beautiful country that I would definitely go again so I can travel outside of the resort. It will be a different experience . I wanna see more areas in Costa Rica. I love traveling to enjoy the lifestyle of a country.