How to Style Your Living Room

At a very young age, once I got my very first "space" own bedroom, I would always think of different ways to make it cool or rearrange my furniture. Whether it be, painting my walls a new color, changing my bed covers, moving my dressers or hanging up some of my art projects from school, I always loved switching it up. Now that I live on my own in an apartment, I have turned into a monster. Haha

I have a passion for all things visual arts and that includes my passion for interior design, furniture, and home decor. The same way I wake up and pick out clothes to wear and style myself. I style my home. There are wardrobe stylists and then there is me a home stylist. JK!!! Here are 6 key tips and things I do when I style my living room:

1. Determine A Theme

Decide your overall look. Again this is similar to the way you get dressed. Think about what look you are going for and include your personality. For me, my apartment is pretty old and had a very grunge/vintage look. To create less work for myself I embraced it. Work with what you got. Instead of trying to hire people to change or upgrade things I loved it for what it was. And being that I am a hippie boho style was instantly the look I knew would work. 


2. Get Your Furniture in Order of Needs

Getting furniture is the second step. But this step to me is important to do in order because one piece of furniture determines what other furniture you may need. So for me, the couch is one of the first things I suggest you should purchase. It sets the tone for everything else. It helps make the decision on what sort of coffee table you will be getting if it’s a smaller couch and you are like me who tends to have many guests and housing events at home then you may need more chairs elsewhere. The color of couch determines the color scheme. If I get a bright green couch maybe that purple chair I already purchased won't work. I never understand why they call it living room but to me, it's just like a lounge. In a lounge the couch is everything. I believe my brothers purchased the couch I have now at a garage sale. It was the perfect pattern and vintage feel. 


3. Keep it Functional 

The key is to be sure your ideas are functional. Making things easy to use, accessible and thinking about the little things people tend to forget that makes your home that much cooler. My apartment is literally a reflection of me. Things can always look good but it’s not beneficial if it’s not functional or easy to use. Adding little hacks and moving furniture so that it’s easier to charge your phone. Or where you place that couch making sure there is enough room to walk and maneuver easily. You want this area to be comfy and convenient. I love my living room it is very open and gives you a feeling where you can just stay and hang out all day. I have been to homes where their living room is so nice that you are afraid to hang out in there. Its all about creating your space to work for your lifestyle. 


4. Be Creative

Identifying the purpose and goal of each room. In my place, there is a lot of rooms and open spaces. So I am able to be creative and switch it up from the norm. As you style your home you have the ability to decide or find ways to make a living room into a living room and office or maybe turning in a closet into an art studio.


5. Identify the Color Scheme and Stick To It!

Once your couch is purchased this helps to set your color scheme. Playing off the walls and the couch. Be sure to keep it cohesive. If you have chosen the boho look this is easy Boho is very fun and all over the place, you have more freedom to do whatever you want. Keep it cohesive, there’s a reason why people call a space with too many clashing colors “busy.” If your room is small, try to keep your colors within a certain complimentary palette. Do your research too. colors are important just like everything else, and I feel repetitive but its true. colors create a vibe.  


6. Accessorize with the Add-Ons 

The final step. Once your main important furniture is in place and you have your color palette ready. I throw in my add-on pieces. These are the items that make a house into a home. First thing I accessorized was the walls! About 65% of the vibe in my apartment is due to my brother's cool ass abstract paintings that are hung all over the entire apartment covering much of my empty wall space. Art is a great conversation starter and also a great cover up for a bad paint job and old lumpy walls. Everything gives an energy, a vibe. If you are going for a very minimal, monochrome look then Plain white walls are fine. But once you dress those walls up it speaks to you differently. Being that my brother is an artist I got lucky and don't have to put wall decor as an expense. Eliminating the need for wall photo frames etc. But I definitely recommend anyone who has their own space to invest in some nice art that speaks to you personally. The art sets the tone in my apartment. Which help me decide every other item to follow: Your flowers, plants, pillows, throw blankets, vases, books, side tables, lamps don’t forget creating an area to entertain your guests. As I mentioned before I love hosting little events at my house. So some of my must-have add-ons include ashtrays, I place a cool different looking ash try in every room. Cute shot glasses, extra stools, hookahs and I created a little bar section myself using an old dresser. It's a working progress but for now, it does the job.  Oh, I def can't forget a big add one is scented candles. The smell of a home creates the entire mood. 


And that's how I styled my home folks. I love the style of my home. I still have a lot of ideas and things I want to create, but one thing at a time. One lesson I learned being a young adult and living on your own in an apartment. You never really move in, and you never should get too settled, the goal is to style a place that is yours not leased. So don't invest too much, work with what you got. And shop on a budget. You will notice a lot of items on here are really DIY projects I did or putting random dollar store pieces next to a more expensive looking item. Check out some of the photos and I added some of the places I purchased these items. Let me know what you think. 

This is a easy DIY add on. Its simple all the photos taken at events at my house or just great times taped to the wall. I plan on covering the whole wall eventually.


key holder: IKEA
hanging lights: MICHAELS 
pizza ashtray: URBAN OUTFITTERS
good vibes pillow: URBAN OUTFITTERS 
tribe print black and white side table: TARGET
plant with blueprint plant holder: HOME GOODS
multi-colored striped rug: FIVE BELOW 
velvet green armchair: TARGET



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