Giving Gratitude


And think for a moment.

Take a deep breath.

In the city of dreams, it’s easy to get lost. Calming the mind and focusing on all that you visualize in the present is gratitude living within you. The first image that comes to your mind is what you’re most grateful for. Just a moment to visualize a picture your mind every day can calm the spirit and bring gratefulness to the soul.

As Biggie said I “spread love that’s the Brooklyn way” as my motto to give back. Giving back is not always volunteering at the community center or working for a charity. But simply enjoying every moment with love in my heart. When I give so much of myself to friends by listening to them, completing an important task with them or sharing advice a deep sense of self-worth comes over me. This fills me up so much so that I may give back. The ability to give love to others rejuvenates me to be gleeful for where I am in life. I'm on MY right path and I am blessed in my own lane. Forever grateful for all the beautiful times in life.

To have a family, a few good friends and laughs is a blessing. This is how I keep gratitude in my heart.

Some of you are probably thinking... How do I keep gratitude in my heart? How do you remain grateful even when everything seems to be going wrong for you? I read this book, which I probably mentioned many times before on my blog called The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. (Download the free PDF version here) She is also the author of The Power. Also a great readI probably read this book three times already and I plan on reading it again. The Magic is the blueprint on the key to life which is gratitude. "Whoever hasn't gratitude will be given more, and he or she will have abundance. Whoever doesn't not have gratitude, even what he or she has will be taken from him or her." Gratitude is the major key. Count your blessings everyday. Look all around you, there is many things to be grateful for. 

When I remember the growth that came from walking through storms and always keeping my head high I remember what I am grateful for. Where you have come from and where you’re going is important, things may be loud and distracting but stand still and you will always find some beauty there.

"A thankful heart hath a continual feast" - W.J. Cameron




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