Finding Peace: Understanding God's Plan

#BehindTheContent: The other day, my brother and I were hanging out at home, just chatting. We lost our aunt a few years ago, and as we reminisced about her, we couldn't help but feel the weight of her absence, especially for our cousin who lost their mom. We seen how much that it hurt them. How it hurt us. But as we talked, we realized something: many people get angry at God. Sometimes it's not about blame but more about questioning why things happen the way they do. Why couldn't God answer our prayers when we pleaded all night at the hospital for our aunt's recovery? Why did she have to go? These questions are so easy to ask, and I still find myself grappling with them from time to time.

I recently discovered the series "The Chosen," and it has completely changed my perspective on the stories in the Bible. If, like me, you find it challenging to engage with the Bible directly, this show is a game-changer. It inspired me to revisit the biblical stories I had watched, and they made much more sense to me now after seeing them portrayed on television. You all know I'm a TV junkie, but I also learn better with visuals. Anyway, there's a part in Season 3 of the show where Simon is deeply frustrated with God. While God is blessing and healing everyone around him, Simon's wife is suffering at home after a miscarriage. That hit close to home for me. I've been in situations where I've witnessed countless stories of God's blessings, yet when I prayed fervently for a miracle for my aunt, it felt like my prayers fell on deaf ears. Simon finally confronts him, and Jesus responds, saying, "Why do you think I allow trials, they prove the genuine of your faith"

I know, especially for those who don't have a strong faith, this can be hard to accept. Even for me, someone who grew up immersed in stories about God, it was difficult to grasp. I think faith sometimes means believing blindly, just trusting the process. It's easy in life to blame God or question why things aren't going our way. But God isn't a genie who grants our every wish. Life isn't meant to be easy. Jesus, too, faced hardships. His earthly father died when he was young, he experienced grief, dealt with doubters and haters every day, and was ultimately crucified. He didn't have it easy. He could have been angry with God, questioning why he had to endure so much hate. But he wasn't mad at God.

God is with you in the storms, just as he was with Simon, when he thought he could handle it alone. Jesus was there, holding him tight, never letting go. After my chat with my brother I was inspired, and created this graphic. I hope this story resonates with you, I know we all have experienced a time in our life where we have feel disappointed or angry with God. Let's support each other through our journeys of faith.

The devil uses disappointment to destroy faith. But God uses disappointment to develop faith.

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