Embracing the NOW: A Story of Faith, Creativity, and Divine Alignment


Let me share a little backstory with you. I've always felt like God blessed me with a knack for creativity. It took me a while to truly recognize this talent, but as I've grown older, I've come to understand that this is where my strength lies. When social media burst onto the scene, I was captivated by the idea of sharing images, finding my voice, and connecting with people who shared my interests. Growing up, I hustled hard for money. My first job was as a secretary in a lawyer's office, and I even tried my hand at being a cashier in Shop Rite. I climbed the ladder in start-ups, worked as a personal assistant for public figures, and dabbled in the corporate world. Life kept throwing challenges my way, pushing me to take on whatever role necessary to survive.

The pandemic hit us all hard. Even after what I thought was a recovery in 2022 from being diagnosed with Endometriosis, last year was tough. I found myself in a funk for a while, struggling to find my way. I kept praying and seeking solace in God, but it was an uphill battle. It's tough to hold onto faith when you're feeling low. One day, my roommate—who I owe a debt of gratitude for letting me crash on her couch—decided to give me a wake-up call. Of course, her method involved dragging me out for drinks, which did help lift my spirits a bit. But over those drinks, she reminded me of the story "The Drowning Man Parable" or "The Parable of the Drowning Man." It's a metaphorical tale about a man who, when faced with imminent danger, refuses help because he's waiting for God. In various versions of the story, the man rejects assistance from a boat, helicopter, or other rescuers, believing that God will save him directly. However, in the end, he drowns, and upon reaching heaven, he questions God about why he wasn't saved. God's response typically emphasizes that help was sent multiple times, but the man failed to recognize it. This parable illustrates the importance of being proactive and recognizing the assistance available in difficult times. I felt like I'd heard that story before, but it hit differently this time.

God truly is in the details. He placed people in my life and constantly reminded me that He had already equipped me with everything I needed. The money would come. After a few more drinks (thanks, roommate!), she suggested I offer my creative services to others. We knew plenty of friends who struggled with content creation, especially millennials like us.

And so, with a plan in mind (while still applying for jobs daily), I began creating content for people like me. I reached out to those who had asked for my help before but I'd turned down because I wasn't in the right headspace at the time. I collaborated on a project with my friend @warning_explosive, who insisted that I was the only one who could shoot her alopecia awareness campaign, despite my focus on black-owned brands. Though it was last-minute, we were intentional about our goals for the shoot. I continued reaching out to friends with businesses and brands, offering my services. Gradually, I went from being always available to scheduling multiple content days for fellow entrepreneurs.

Now, let's talk about alignment and how everything falls into place. One day, I received an inquiry to create content for a brand based in Texas. Not only did they agree to my rates, but they also booked my flight for me to fly out and shoot content for them—on my phone, no less. I was excited to discuss plans and creative direction. When I arrived, we clicked instantly and produced some amazing content. I even stayed an extra day to explore the area, and we had a blast. It was refreshing not to explore alone for once. I asked her how she found me, and she mentioned seeing the alopecia awareness shoot I had recently done because we had tagged one of the brands she knew.

Even after completing that shoot and submitting the content, I hadn't fully grasped its impact on me. It hit me hard, especially since I had just discovered a week prior that I, too, have alopecia—frontal alopecia, to be exact. Seeing my friend's confidence during the shoot, even in her bald state, was empowering. It comforted me during this uncertain time of diagnosis. I've always struggled with my natural hair, particularly in the front. As women, our hair can be tied to our confidence, but witnessing how she carried herself during our shoot reassured me that this diagnosis wasn't the end of the world. Sometimes, what we think is the purpose of one thing ends up being so much more. It reminded me that LIFE IS NOW, and every moment is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

Everything happens in its own time. God is always right on schedule. Enjoy the process. Life is now. 

SIDENOTE: Can you believe it? Even Beyoncé is hopping on the same train! She's trying her hand at country music, and Ayra Star just dropped a video with some serious cowgirl vibes. It's like the universe is sending us all the same memo! Hey, if the stars could align for me to work with Beyoncé, that'd be a dream come true, right? Anyway, stay tuned for the scoop on the Texas content adventure.



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