DIY: Closet Organizing

Many days we stare in our closet wondering what’s next to put on. The clutter that persists makes it really complicated to find all your items in one place. Here is the sure way to de-clutter the closet and organize for small closet space. Trying on every outfit before work in the morning makes it all easier with an organized closet. The space in your closet is always key to getting dressed in a hurry, never enough room for belts, bags, and shirts in a closet. Organizing the perfect closet is key, and finding the right item to wear for the weather is so much easier with organization. I have been in my single bedroom apartment for every a year now and I am now starting to completely move out of the boxes and start organizing. Here are some tips and ways i plan on getting my closet right and to create more self-space!! 

M design wire Shelving Hanger (4 set)
Ever in your closet, looking for a shirt and turn around to find the shirt in aa drawer. I know I don’t enjoy hanging small T-shirts on hangers and rather store them in a drawer. This shelving hanger solves the switch between closet and drawer. And helps you to store all of your items like an Artesia or UNIQUE store. They also have a storage bin that can be used for makeup.

Whitmor Double Rod Closet Extender
Creating a double railing for closet space is easy. If your closet has lots of height you can hang this double rod extender in your closet and have twice the closet space. Hanging pants or slacks directly on the rod gives more room in the closet and also eliminates hangers from the closet opening up space.

Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer
To organize jewelry on a trip you can put your necklaces in a straw and close while traveling, this stops it from detangling. But for at home jewelry detangling it’s great to have a small area to hang jewelry so you will have all your favorite jewelry in order and neatly put together. My body jewelry by ---- always stays untangled on this little hanger and even put jackets scarfs and bags on it. (or you can explain a way you organize jewelry)

Reinforced Lightweight & Durable Velvet NonSlip Suit Clothes Hangers (50 Pack)
A velvet hanger changes your whole closet; it makes all the items flat. This allows all your hangers to not be bulky and be able to have all your clothing in one place and flat. The plastic hangers have a great way of tangling and becoming bulky in your closet. These lightweight hangers work for all closet and keep clothes wrinkle free.



These closet hacks change the outlook of your whole closet and help any woman get dress fast and easy every morning, evening or night.