Check Your Attitude: Happiness

I have been searching for the feeling of happiness for a long time now. With life hitting me, we all face ups and downs trying to balance personal with work life. Deciding which job is the best and searching for a job. Happiness was a very rare feeling for years but I can now say I am at a point where I am happy.
4 Tips to a Creative life of Happiness

1) Happiness is a powerful emotion and you can control it!

Like Carrie Bradshaw said: Can you have a great job, great apartment and a great companionship?" YES.

I don't have everything I want. If you are single you know trying to date these days is like a night club turntable in NYC and just dealing with the dynamics of losing good friends is a major overload. After realizing and learning what’s good for my health and bringing enrichment to life. I have no complaints, I live alone now, but not lonely, in my own one-bedroom apartment. Still very much single and can count the number of friends on one hand but I am happy. I may not have a boyfriend and a great big apartment in a beautiful town but I am happy with myself and my appearance. I am content for every trail brought clarity. No longer am I beating myself up or pushing myself past my limits. I create my happiness and I chose to be happy.

2) Isn't the grass greener on the other side?

I heard the term long ago the "grass is greener where you water it." Just like me, many of us, tend look at other people’s lives and think they are doing well. I have experienced this myself. People saw my career and life I portrayed on IG and thought "her life is great she’s is living good." I like that photo’s showcase the glamorous aspect to life. But they didn't see my sorrow they didn't see my pain. But everything that glitters isn't gold. Kid Cudi who is a great artist with amazing records just shared with the world how unhappy he is, despite all he has. He still feels unhappy. You may see success but there may be a lot of pain and struggle right behind it. Don't worry about others water your grass and keep your side green. Show love, and passion towards your grass. Appreciate and admire your grass. I guarantee it will grow and you will be happy and blessed with every inch.

3) A state of mind in the grind.

Consumed by material objects, and always wanted to be happy. I do believe that energy is contagious, but we also suffer for the eagerness of sudden happiness and being successful. Making yourself proud is numero uno. Proud of what I have accomplished so far. We all want it so bad that at times we start to forget that we have so much to be grateful for already.

4) Creating a ora that promotes happiness.

Surroundings are key and positive energy is important. For me I had to cut some friends off, and in some situations as I grew my friend just disappeared are fell off on their own. At times friendships outgrow each other when they aren't on that same level or the same path. I am on the path to success, so I try to keep that ora around me. Be careful of those people who just play the role of positive energy, everyone is spiritual these days or some type of motivational poster. I don't need those people, they are good to follow to find a good quote. But you need the real thing in your day to day. Keep those who are there for you and promote happiness, a tribe that motivates you. But most of all just starting within yourself. Check your attitude. LIfe is beautiful, stop being the ugly person.  


P.S. I send my prayers out to Haiti and all that they go through during the hurricane Matthew. "The sun is gonna shine after awhile."