A Story Through the Eyes of Chad Piff: Hippie Life

His latest album takes you from soft rock to trap rap all in a mixture of Jimi Hendrix guitar riffs and gospel melodies breaks and interludes. No one person can pinpoint the references, for his eclectic style took me back into time and straight to the 60’s sliding through to 2016. The rapper/ singer brings summer to you no matter what season. Hard-core punk-rock with a touch of piff the album began with a 90’s punk rock anthem staring straight into the eyes of love, life, and self. I hear a new voice, a collective voice drumming from the beat, emerges and comes together again. Rapping “Where would you go if the sky turned yellow, and you could just start over who would you be. If the day start over and our love come back around and you built this time machine.” Past, present and the future of music combined. Taking you on a mary jane trip into the world of love making. The offbeat singing can be counted, it falls between every count of the beat in a reggae like motion. Smooth sailing through his melodies and bringing you to his bedroom through your ears. Step into his world where time escapes you as he makes love though his singing. His use of metaphors, mixing the feeling of waking up to barking dogs while still in your dream is every hood morning brought to life. The voice on his track resembles a faraway distant voice speaking to itself. 

“What can stop a horse, and a field of hay.
Baptiste in waters, the springs the may
So if you tell me this, I’ll tell you that
I got fucked up last night, and I ain’t call you back.”

And then suddenly out of no were trap music full of the seducing woman with 21st-century style. He raps with such conviction never forgetting to bless us with melodies of singing still. Balling all over the beat simply said: “When your King you don’t need a Politician”. And then a rebellious rock star comes alive just like that. You're in his mosh pit, mixing his voice with the beat so they become one. Lost phones and strapped tell the tale of a night in a Jersey hood. Trap music meets piano melodies and the woman who will be groupies and a fault of his. The Haitian rapper mixes baselines and harmonies beat. Let's just say in the life of Chad Piff it's full of cops, girls and watching your back, sirens as background music from a scene of Law and Order and Chad Piff riding the getaway car.



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