Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is one of my favorite shows but this blog is not about that haha..... I want to discuss Breaking Bad..... HABITS !! As the days linger on, The habits we create can find a way to change and I'm always open for suggestions and sharing on how I possibly can break a bad habit before or after NEW YEAR. How can any annoying or important habit change or escalate my health and break habits all in 22-30 days? Did you know that If constantly repeating a task over and over in a month it becomes a habit. Yup! I would just like to tweak all aspects of my life a little and make them a regimen instead of just once in a while. Here are just some of my habits that I working on breaking or making.

Thumbs Down!
Booooo! Yup I'm Guilty as charged. It does not involve anything illegal or dangerous, but it’s probably more socially unacceptable — and definitely far from sexy. Hi, my name is Johanna and I suck my thumb. I picked up the habit while I was in preschool sadly monkey see monkey do. Most others begin sucking theirs thumbs in their womb but then after would stop by age of six. Was I a freak? Not according to the figures; one in ten adults admits to still sucking their thumb or fingers.

By day, I am the executive assistant to the president of the non profit organization, I live in my own apartment and stride about in today’s version of the power suit — designer dress, high-heeled booties, good weave and red or sometimes a nice nude lipstick. And by night  . . . well, no one could have guessed the horrible truth. But come bedtime, thumb-sucking was a reflex. In my teenage years through high school and college, I kept it a secret that I sucked my thumb never in public. I was able to control myself and do it only when I was going to bed. As I grew older I didn't care I would do it in public and became more addicted and unable to fight the urge. I would do it when I'm hungry or even when I'm sad, my thumb was my soother and solution to may situations. Sucking my thumb is many things for me. Everyone, except perhaps some Zen masters, clings to one thing or another for comfort. Thumb sucking is arguably a healthier means of seeking solace than polishing off a quart of ice cream or a pack of cigarettes. I relied on my thumb sucking. In my teenage years through high school and college, I kept it a secret that I sucked my thumb never in public. People saw it as immature. After all, most of us abandon the practice by age 8, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. So I would always hide this habit. I was able to control myself and do it only when I was going to bed. As I grew older I didn't care anymore, I would do it in public and became more addicted and unable to fight the urge.

Doing research I read in article, that there is nothing inherently pathological about thumb sucking. An adult or adolescent thumb sucker is not necessarily any more deranged than a pen chewer or a nail biter. So why should I stop, why be embarrassed?

Well for me personally it's about my look. Obliviously i am sure people judge me or have a different picture in their mind of me when they see me sucking my thumb but I mean the physical look.

Thumb sucking is a messes up your jaw and teeth. The thumb rests on the lower teeth, tilting them backwards, while proclaiming the top teeth forwards from behind. The sucking exerts a negative pressure inside your mouth, narrowing the upper set of teeth and giving you an asymmetrical bite. I don't want to be old with bad teeth and longer jaw then I already have due to thumb sucking. I did my share of damage. Some people have to get braces or retainers. Just like most habits there is a price to pay in the long run.

They say thumb suckers who carry the habit into adulthood may not be inclined to give it up, or else they would have long ago, at their parents' and friends urging. It's all on the person. It's up to you fully committing to give up. So I am soon to turn 30 what better time to break this habit. This is very hard, the longest I ever stopped ducking my numb was a little over a year. I want to say the reason why I was able to stop was because I was in such a good place in my life. Very happy and mindset different. I would go to sleep with ocean sounds or violin sounds and just force myself to sleep without sucking my thumb as time passed I noticed I didn't want it. Not sure what regimen to go with this time around but I will break this habit.

CellPhone Diet!
I'm addicted, constantly checking emails, pictures, photos and just googling all while connecting me with all my friends. But the time spent on my phone gives me lots of information in navigating the city and even any questions I could think of. My phone is still my favorite item to connect me with other people, but trying to not answer every notification that chirps though is the challenge. Although this little buzz of notifications gladly brings people together, a notification can be a reason to relax just for a moment. Instead of answering to every buzzer notification using this time to take a breather, or enjoy the company of another person. Paying attention to what's going on in your surrounding instead of being curious of what notification has popped up can cause a reason to be aware.

Eating Diary
An eating list, documented every morning noon and night doesn't mean that I'm going on a diet. But instead, a reason to monitor what I eat and see if changes happen in my skin, nails, hair and beauty on a deeper level. So I will begin a list. As I get older my health is more and more important to me and healthy eating habits is a big factor. A lot of people look at me and say where does all the food go or you're lucky. But the scary part is waiting for it all to catch up to me. I want to be a better eater and be more aware of what I am choosing to eat. Nutrition etc. For example, a lot of the times I skip breakfast. This isn't good and doing this list and keeping records of my eating habits will be able to help me see maybe what I ate today gave me less energy or eating at that time makes me gain weight. I started this diary for a week now and will keep you guys posted on my updates:)

Yes, I shop, online and in the window. Doesn’t mean I always buy all items that can be obtained. Although shopping is so hard for this time of year, it tis' the season to be jolly, and give. Craving the habit for personal shopping this season. Creating a list prior to going online through,, or can possibly cut gift choices simple, so you don’t make many unneeded purchases or browse that black Suede bootie on sale and press "shopping cart" unexpectedly. Breaking this habit can be hard but will help me save and manage my money.