A Love Letter to My Younger Self


Hey there, younger me!

Happy Birthday, You're 37 now, and let me tell you, you're absolutely rocking it! The journey has been a rollercoaster ride, hasn't it? Ups, downs, loops, you name it. But through it all, you've stayed true to yourself, and that's something to be proud of.

"You're doing great!" Seriously, don't doubt yourself. I know at times it felt like you were hitting rock bottom. Those heartaches, they'll fade away, promise. And about that whole getting married by 25 thing? Chill, girl! Life's not a race, and you've got plenty of time. Truth is, men are trying to get it together too. They're not ready, so don't force it.

Don't let life dim your light. You are and will always be that girl. Oh, and that tomboy spirit of yours? Embrace it! It's what makes you so cool and unique. Keep every sneaker in that closet. Still holding onto your dreams that one day I will be a successful fashion designer. That disposable camera that you carry everywhere and every day, taking photos—don't stop. I still shoot, but with a professional camera now. And that blog of yours? Still going strong! Keep your head up and stay confident. You're a masterpiece, my friend, no matter what anyone says.

Friends are awesome, but family? They're the real MVPs. You'll realize that soon enough.

Don't worry, that thumb-sucking habit? You finally kicked it! Can I get a high-five? 🙌 Dad still jokes about how you "messed up your face" with all those silly faces you used to make. But hey, those silly faces were all part of the fun, right?

I'm so incredibly proud of you. You stayed pure for so long despite all the peer pressure. It's funny how racing and putting time limits on things made you grow impatient, but you've learned that being impatient only leads to poor decision-making. It's okay; mistakes are life lessons. Let's embrace the beauty in each and every mark. They've sculpted us, made us shine in the dark.

Reflecting on the journey, the trials that took their toll. Through storms and shadows, you've walked the path, yet here you stand, resilient, despite the aftermath. Each scar upon your heart, a testament to your strength, a reminder of the battles won, despite their length. Embrace those marks, for they tell a tale so true, of perseverance, courage, and the essence of you.

So take your time, enjoy the journey, and keep being the amazing person you are! Remember to celebrate the scars; they make you who you are.

You're growing, learning, and becoming even more awesome every day!

Keep shining,

Your Older, Thumb-Sucking-Free, Silly-Face-Making Self

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