This is what happens when I have a four day weekend. I binge on movies!!! Anyways I finally got to see this movie! Dope is a 2015 American crime comedy-drama film written and directed by Rick Famuyiwa and starring Shameik MooreTony RevoloriKiersey ClemonsKimberly EliseChanel ImanTygaBlake AndersonZoë Kravitz, and A$AP Rocky. The film was produced by Forest Whitaker, executive produced by Pharrell Williams, and co-executive produced by Sean Combs. Not to be cliché but the movie was DOPE, it's funny, a small love story, drama and crime all in one. 

Debuted in the U.S. Dramatic Competition category at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, which started on January 22, 2015Dope was initially released in North American theaters on June 19, 2015, by Open Road Films, and then re-released on September 4, 2015. It is now on Netflix so go check it out.

Malcolm Adekanbi is a Nigerian high school senior. He is the front-man in a punk-rock band with his best friends, Jib and Digg. The three are all obsessed with 1990's hip-hop culture and live in a neighborhood of Inglewood, California called "The Bottoms." Malcolm, confident he will be admitted to his dream school, Harvard University, on the strength of his SAT scores and straight-A grades, but his counselor, clowns him for thinking that Harvard would find his grades impressive, since their school is in a run-down L.A. suburb. The storyline unfolds where Malcolm starts to realize who he is and embraces it. Using his smarts and his surroundings to achieve his ultimate goal. I loved the lesson in this movie, and of course with a movie produced by Pharallel and Diddy they made sure the soundtrack was even great and even doper style and fashion. Of course I noticed all the cool prints and patterns. Shoutout to the costume designer of this movie. Wonderful job indeed. I rate this movie a 9 out of 10. Go watch if you haven’t already and comment to share your thoughts with me.