If you didn't know I am really into things to make my skin look better. I prefer a clean face and want to be one of those girls who wake up and feel no need to throw on makeup and be confident still. For the past for years, my skin has made an amazing change after I started really taking time out and doing natural home remedies and DIY facials etc. I do a lot of research and really have been consistent. So I was excited when I stumbled upon this store in the city on the way home from work and walked out with these products. The first product is the skin smoothing body peeling mist. Can I tell you right away you will see a big difference in your skin. It peels away the top layer of dead skin when you massage it in and you literally see your dead skin peeling off, leaving your skin smooth! I love this thing and use it every day! I got the Peach fragrance one, I love the smell but for those who don't like certain fragrances I believe they had one that was unscented.This body peeling mist, cleanses and smooths the skin. It's to die for! I also purchased olive and acai berry serums! It is a real natural ampoule made with natural ingredients that provide rich moisture and nourishment to prevent roughness and dryness of skin. These two serums are life-saving the olive is my favorite right away I have been getting compliments and seen a difference after use. The olive serum gives a glow to the skin and the acai berry is good for many things. I did some research, acai berry had many benefits: it Leaves Skin Fresh & Unblemished and Rich in antioxidants, the Acai berries make your skin look younger, fresher and unblemished. Controls Acne: It can help in controlling acne – the bane of every teen’s life! It owes this healing capability to its anti-inflammatory properties.Surplus Vitamins Improve Skin Quality: Besides antioxidants, these berries are also full of vitamins, which add to your overall skin quality.Facial Mask Lightens the Scars: If you suffer from hyperpigmentation or scars, ditch the chemical skin care products and try a mask of acai berries and avocados. If you can lay your hands on fresh berries, simply crush them and enjoy a facial mask indulgence! Everyone wants a more youthful-looking and elastic skin. Acai berry has vitamins like A, C and E that can help in the regeneration of your skin. My skin feels fresh and natural after using all three of these products. I definitely recommend buying these products and suggest everyone go check out the online store ( and find a location near you, and if you are in the city go to the one on 14th street, the union square branch and ask for my guy Jake. He was a great help. Those are my secrets stay tuned for my Victoria's secrets soon :)