Last Thursday was the season finale of Growing Up Hip Hop. If you didn't watch it click here to watch the full episode now. The sitcom was a hit; I mean it should have been a sitcom because like i said in my last post only about 60% of the show is reality, in other words "based on true events" the other 40% is pure acting. Unfortunately, we live in a time where we people are entertained by drama, and every show needs some. Although I hated the way, they portrayed moments and made it look like I was going extra hard or basically picking on Kristina, I'm glad this show isn't ratchet. Kudos to a good positive but entertaining show!

On another note to the viewers, I do agree that I am annoying in the show but again this is a reality show for your entertainment. I played the part they needed. I think my character in the show was relevant though, as I ended up right all along at the end. So again guys don't take reality TV so literal, second, I would never leave a club to go chat with shorty. I If you didn't notice the cut ways half the time they made it look like I was lurking searching for Kristina, but In reality, I was minding my business sipping and trying to have a good time. The scene was forced, but of course they were editing to make me look like I was feening. The editors do their job and do it well to use other moments and place it somewhere else to make a story to entertain. I don't regret agreeing to do the show and playing that part, although it wasn't everything I would agree or would do in real life. Even so, watching myself on TV and seeing the feedback, although some people are just being cruel, I do believe there is a bit of truth on how they portrayed me in the show as I could be an asshole sometimes so I'll take that. Only thing which is false is I don't really put my two sense in Angela's personal endeavors lol. I don't involve myself in Angela's outside of business relationships. If she asks my opinion, I give it once and keep it moving, that's her space. Side note, Tip number one for assistants identify boundaries and give each other space. As it can get confusing working so closely with someone. People forget I have my individual life. I'm not only her assistant. I am a sister and have my own drama with my family and friends, which I know could be its on a reality show in itself. I couldn't stand how the show discredited my position. I am the assistant. I came on board as the assistant, I was not friends with Angela first. I came in wanting to work and that being my own priority, what you are watching on the screen is two years working with someone's day and night, 24/7, of course after working so closely we are more than just boss and assistant. I work my butt off. Behind the scenes I am managing and handling, all the little details, hair and makeup call times, car pickups, dealing with her stalker real-life situations, making sure Angela gets the correct food, etc., I'm about one thing my business! I feel people watch this show and saw one side of my relationship with Angela, and it sucks because honestly they exaggerated that too, I am not that involved, they just needed me to be for the show. I am very professional and I don't usually bud into personal stuff, although I may be in her home for holdiay events or family gatherings, I knew my place and respected her space. Nevertheless, I also know that the reason I remained her assistant and me, and her clicked cause she can trust me to have her back in every aspect, for example, as I did on the show. I do feel they exaggerated and had me look extra thirsty but having her back is part of job. not only being a good friend but watching people who surround us. It goes back to my tip for assistants #BEINGAPA doesn't mean your only the assistant you are also security when there is none you are the time keeper to know when to leave you are more than the assistant. Your only job is to make sure your boss is good in general. The minute we were off screen it was back to reality all work, and it's all love for Kristina. They never wanted to capture that tho.

Anyhow I am so grateful I got the opportunity to work with each every one of these cast members, they are all really dope. Although this was the season finale, I will continue tips for assistants here and there. One of my biggest tips that I want to close with is... There is no room for sensitivity when you are #BEINGAPA. This industry and business are cut throat. Don't take anything personal. Sometimes people get panicked and you being the assistant have to hold it together. You will feel alone at times. People will hate you. Some will befriend you to use you. It's not easy at all. This job is not for the weak. It looks for all fun and glamour on Instagram pictures but this sort of job is for the thugs' haha, seriously though you have to be ready to take all blows and motivate yourself and continue to work hard. If you are interested in being a personal assistant to a celebrity or already are an assistant in any industry and have questions comment and ask me anything I'll be sure to respond to the best that I can.

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