Episode 5: Master Player

Yesterday was another episode of Growing Up Hip Hop. If you didnt see it already click here to watch the full episode and catch up. 

So lets get right to it. Here are my thoughts and my inside scoop. So I just want to start by saying remember this is "reality tv" in another words reality based on true events but they set up the scene and story and you have to go with the plot.  I like Kristina never had a problem with her nor do i care about her whereabouts, producers tell you a situation or story and You would come on giving reactions based on what was told to me. I like kristina music and shes a good time. The show needs some drama someone had to give it to them for the ratings. So encore and standing ovation for my attempt to acting. And in addition yes I am the quote on quote "HELP". The same HELP that was asked to be on the scenes and in EVERY episode. IM JUST SAYING..... ! Lol damn but Wetv need to give me some cast credits tho at this point lol. To those who have only negative to say thank you for saying anything all. Negative comments shows love too. Some may disagree with my role in the show but to be honest its a role and you cant hate on that. 

Now back to the "storyline" so this episode producers informed Angela and I Kristina is made to look like she is pushing pretty eyed boy to Angela so she can get closer to romeo. If I hear someone tell me that,  yea that was sus if you where a good friend you would give Angela a warning to. this is a girl Angela was putting into her circle I think it was fair for me to want to warn her because we dont know everyones motivies. In this industry everyone is using someone to get their own desires and wants. The minute u have ur guard down they will go for "the kill" Yes I am the assistant and the reason why I am around so much and "I know my place " is becuase I am honest and watch out for her. Not just sit there and let some violate. Again this is a forced drama somewhat real reactions if it was a twisted and manipulated story. You know it's reality tv when producers pick and choose and edit how the scene plays out. Romeo didn't throw glass cuz of the convo with Angela but at the camera man. They kept the camera rolling for that but when real things or going on they don't play those back.

This goes hand in hand with some of my tips for assistants this episode. My first tip is know when to speak or put your two senses in. I understand where alot of viewers are coming from becuase #BEINGAPA most of the time assistants is known to be in background. There is a lot of sterotypes for personal assistants but I must say, most of them are actually true. You are in background, you are to just be a helping hand. But overtime and with growth in relationship with your boss. They begin to trust you more and to let you in. You are working with your boss 24/7, traveling day and night. Your relationship is more than just the professional, they seek guidance and answers from you as friend and partner in business. Your job is to know when to speak and most importanly how to speak. I dont ever say my opinion unless asked or if it interfeeres or effect my job or the company and brand somehow. It may not be your company but it reflects your work so know when to be vocal and know when you have to be silent. My Second tip is to be able to no matter what keep you job professional even when its personal. One of my biggest lessons #beingapa is trying to remain professional only. Even when I was attending thanksgiving dinners and family events. I still kept my distance and tried my hardest to remain the relationship on a professional level. Dont get too comfortable ever. Dont be that assistant that is way to social at a family gathering lol.  BeingAPA that is probably the most hardest challenge ever. But it is very imporatant. When you get to personal it affects the professional relationship. So always keep your professional hat on. My last tip its weird because it kinda contradicting but its a good tip if you want to stay an assistant. if you want longevity and close relationship with your boss. Key is being honest. Always keep it buck 50 with them. They get lied to everyday but people around them in this industry. They need someone in their team trust worthy and knows they got their back and are in the team with the same goals and it for the long haul. Not to be seen nor heard but to work and do a heck of a good job at it.  

Well thats all let me know your thoughts and comments below and I cant believe its the season finale of GUHH already. Who thinks there will be a Season 2? Be honest.. and what do you guys want to see more of... 

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