Episode 4: O Romeo, Romeo

This pass Thursdays episode was really good. I just wanted to skip thru all the commercials. If you didn't watch go watch now here. In this episode we attend concert where RUN DMC performed with a tribute to Jay Master Jay by TJ which was so dope. That concert was fun. Then we go to sunny LA where Angela goes on a "date" with Romeo. Its getting real juicy. Let me know your thoughts. 

As usually scheduled I will share a few tips based on this episode. My first tip is to be prepared to wear many hats. As you can see this episode, on top managing emails and calls and stalkers hahaha, I also was helping with just choosing outfits. #BEINGAPA you never have one job. Your are the cook when needed, the driver when needed or the stylists. Always be ready to be that role even when the person is there, your job is to make sure they are doing their job becuase your ultimate goal is to make sure your boss is good. If the cook messes up the food. You may have cook or order food  because he or she isnt going to be happy with bad food. Tip number 2 goes hand in hand. Be quick on your toes. #BEINGAPA doesnt mean you have to know it all but you should be quick and able to find a solution to anything. You better master the google search engine because your going to need it. Last minute if an outfit is going wrong, you may not be able sew but you better google how to or find the nearest seamstress that can get it done fast. Come up with plans and details so when the problem comes you have a solution and theres your final tip. GIVE SOLUTIONS NOT EXCUSES

Check below for next week sneak peek.