Food For Thought: Grounded in Finances- TD. Jakes



The previous Sunday was a snow day. So I didn't get to go to church which broke my heart by the way because this year, one of my goals was to go to church every Sunday. Well I was reminded that everything happens for a reason. Always was a fan of TD Jakes, after meeting him in person and actually hearing a word of wisdom from him, I became more of a fan lol, following him on twitter I noticed his tweets about his services streaming online. So I tuned this past Sunday. And he spoke so much truth, I just had to share. Below is the video of the full sermon, where he discusses Finances. A topic I haven't heard in a sermon before, crazy being raised in church, he shed light and breaks it down for you. He speaks about culture, investing, profiting and haters haha. Finances is a struggle and stress many of us go through. I really got a lot out of that sermon and know you will too. 

Watch the video, and let me know your thoughts and remember:

"You're asking for more, but what have you already done with what God gave you.:

"I want him to know that it is profitable to bless me...if you are not consistent why would God invest for you."

"When you follow PURPOSE the PROFIT will follow you, but if you run after PROFIT you will run out of your PURPOSE"

"I do better with less thats mine than more thats yours."