Did you watch the movie "The Breaks" yet? If you didnt go check it out. Its pretty good, the ending was cut short in my opinion.This story is from the highly popular novel The Big Payback, the move debuted with a total viewership of 2.6 million, adding to VH1’s success in original TV films. Not topping VH1's movie Crazy, Sexy, Cool, The TLC Story, which brought in over 4.4 million viewers. The book by Dan Charnas tells the story of the hip-hop industry in the 1990s in New York City and how three friends united by their love of hip-hop strive to make it big in the music industry. Vh1 turned the story to real life with actors and musicians, including rapper Method Man, legendary DJ Premier and David Call. The leading roles are held by Mack Wilds, who plays an emerging DJ and producer named Deeve, Afton Williamson, who holds the female lead role as a young and hungry music label intern named Nikki Jones; Antoine Harris who plays a talented but troubled neighborhood drug dealer named Amh; and Wood Harris, who plays Barray Fouray, a ‘90s music industry mogul and record label owner. 

The movie reminds you the struggle and how hard it was in the industry back in the 90s. It also motivated and inspires me personally. Nikki Jones in the movie drops everything and chases her dream on a limb and does WHATEVER literally WHATEVER it took to get close to Barray Fouray. She started her job as a unpaid intern cleaning toilets and at the end she succeeded and became a personal assistant for him. She made her name known, she was consistent and very hard working most of all she was so passionate. Her story was so relate able , for me especially as I to have a similar story starting from the bottom and now I look back and can say I have gotten so far and am reaching goals I never thought I can reach.

I hope this does turn into a series, I did feel I didn't get enough. the movie ended right when the story was just unfolding. Check on the TV movie on the demand or on the VH1 app. Let me know your thoughts


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