Episode 2: The Struggle is Real 

 Yesterday WeTV aired the second episode of GUHH. I thought it was a great episode compared to last weeks. Yes many people where asking the scene running out the club was real. I ran out, mid two drinks in my hand. But anyway this episode had a lot of dynamics and I enjoyed seeing most of the cast being together and connecting. Click here to watch the full episode

As promised I would give inside scoop #BEINGAPA. In this episode, we are working on the Foofi And Bella fashion show presentation and although they didn't show every detail of that day. It was bananas. Host and producing a fashion show is not easy, there is so many pieces to the puzzle and it takes a village to make it happen. Being the assistant I have to be on top of everything to report back to the bosslady. You noticed the pressure I am on when Angela keeps asking updates on the TJ the DJ for the night and Kristinia who was supposed to be the entertainer... one of my tips to be successful as an assistant is to just always stay calm. My job is to make Angela happy no matter what the situation, event, country we are in. So try to give her good news and stay on top of it. Be sure you are assure her you on top it as well. Reassurance is MAJOR KEY, as an assistant always reassure your boss the situation and give updates throughout each day. My final tip for future assistants is to know when things dont go as planned is to have a plan B and solution. Never go to your boss with a dead end, always provide alternatives, or solution out of the situation that has come up. For example, if you watched the episode, Kristina doesn't show up, since this was so last minute the only alternative was to just go on with the show. Never focus on one little situation, its not the end of the world. The core of the even was about the faux fur, and they where all there and looking fab so the show continued on and it was an amazing event. So that wraps up this episode, I hope you enjoyed my tips for assistants! Stay tuned for next week show, see the video below for sneak peek and be sure to comment and let me know more things you guys would like to see or know.