Episode 1: "The Master Plan 

"Thats a scary thing" -JOJOSAYZ

If I hear that line again one more time... hahaha The premiere finally came and gone. For those who didn't see it click here to watch the full episode. 

So let me introduce myself, if you didn't already know, I am Johanna the assistant at the time of the show. So after every episode I want to share my thoughts but most of all some on my tips and secrets to those who want to be a assistant to a public figure or to those who just want to be better assistant.

Before some of my tips here is just my thoughts and recap, this episode was more of reintroduction or introduction for the cast members and everyone basically making known what their storyline may be headed towards. In my honest opinion, the first episode dragged. But it was cool seeing myself on TV. This is my first tv experience so bare with me as I hope, lol im pretty sure I got better and use to cameras in my face by the last episode. The cast is cool but I do agree with many fans that the some parents was too involved. I do remember it being more fun when they where not there lol. The scene with Dame vs Angela I believe that Angela was misunderstood but I understand where Dame was coming from too. I think no shares the same stresses and everyone goes thru something. You may not go thru something as severe as me but that doesn't mean your problem is not a problem or a stress. So yea that debates got tricky when he mentioned guns and compared her situations to that. But nevertheless this episode was cool really can't wit till these stories unfold 

#BEINGAPA isnt easy. Coming back from traveling back to back is exhausting, in the first scene, Angela and I are coming back from Miami. Now for the record there was no charger lost. But just to use the example: when working as an assistant. Always have a backup to the backup. Its never one check up or one charger. You should always double or I triple check to make sure everything that is needed is there when we depart and when we arrive. Especially dealing with public figures who tend to have things that are very expensive or at times priceless. If its missing, you are FIRED at least thats the mentality I would come in with so I knew to always OVER check to make sure things are where they need to be and you also must always over communicate, be vocal when things are misplaced beforehand and be vocal when things are there, always cover your tracks. Remember you are always responsible for everything. 

Also another tip as an assistant, beat them to the punch. #BEINGAPA is all about being 5 steps ahead. Whatever she is thinking I should of said and mentioned that 30 minutes ago. In this episode, there was a time she asked about the guest list. This was actually a good example of what not to do. You want to always communicate with your boss asap of the emails coming in and be ahead of the game. Dont wait for her to come to you. Even when she may seem busy, interrupt in a respectful way of course. In this entertainment/fashion industry everything is face paced and time sensitive. You can be missing an opportunity by not responding to an email quickly. I hoped you enjoyed some of my tips based on this episode. Comment and let me know your feed back and feel free to ask me anything, I will answer each question. Stay tuned for more after next week episode check below for the sneak peek ! Thats all Folks!