I used to always say how I want to move to LA but never been. Welp that has changed lol. I popped my LA cherry and returned a few times for work. My thoughts on LA, well I honestly don't know if people have jobs no offense. I feel like the day is a workout, eat out, chill out and eat again, and then spa/nails and the chill. That is an LA day. lol I mean no complaints but yea the grind def seems different nothing like the NYC hustle. The first time we came for the BET Weekend. Of course, that was so much fun, got to see how LA party, and I see now why everyone says there's no parties like NY. But LA was cool. I enjoyed most attending the award show. That was the opportunity I never saw coming. We watch it on tv all the time and wonder how its works and I got to sit in and watch it LIVE. It was good and so much fun. I definitely enjoy the weather, and of course, Angela had to show me the great finds in LA. When you go to the Veggie Burger spot its amazed I promise you get the chicken sandwich its FAKE chicken but it tastes so good. Another visit to LA was to attend the Coachella. If you know me Coachella is my cup of tea. I had so much fun and enjoyed just being around the free spirit vibes. LA may have my swag but NY is home. 



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