Food For Thought: Its A Small World After All.

It's a small world after all. Every day in New York is the hustle and bustle. I get on a train and look at all the different race and different colors and style of people. I sit there or mostly stand there lol always a crowded train in New York but anyway I just stare and wondering where they are going and what do they do for a living. I can be on a train next to the head writer of Vogue magazine or the assistant to the owner of Target. So many people, different job positions and different destinations, some just traveling thru the city to go catch flight others not from around here on the adventure. Then at times I find myself going deeper looking at their emotions; some overworked some with the newlywed stage still all kissing in public and what not, some people seemed so focus and determined, others are just tired falling asleep right there and then I wonder what they maybe are going thru at home. Playing the game in my head trying to figure out if she is a mother of 3 and just dropped off her kids or if he is headed to an interview. We get on these trains and mostly don't communicate with one another and actually some are rude to others. To think you can meet the man of your dreams on that train. Or be networking to land your next big job or career move. Or you maybe you were destined to cross paths to smile at the young girl that is thinking of killing herself. The train is the start of most people's day be patient to try to be kind be on time so you are not annoyed lol this train. This world is small. We tend to underestimate that phrase. This life is all about connections with one another. If you were the only one in the world, there will be no point. So appreciate one another and respect the next person. Your hustle may be different but everyone is someone. And everyone matters. Don't take any encounter for granted.