Victoria's Secret: Olive Oil

For many reasons weather it be lack of water, or season changes my face would be extremely dry at times, like dull looking. I tried all types of moisturizers, lotions, you name it I tried it, nothing would help, sometimes it made it worse but I was determined to find a cure. After doing lots of research and youtubing and of course experimenting I came across a familiar friend we use every day, the best kept sercret OLIVE OIL. Yup this is the secret weapon I have been raving about. I give olive oil 5 stars. This is a secret worth breaking...

Olive oil is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants and is an excellent moisturizer. Choose extra virgin olive oil because it is the least processed and will provide better results, the one most of us have right in the kitchen. I use olive oil from head to toe for natural glowing beauty, and it makes a wonderful cleanser for all skin types. Its an awesome makeup remover, leaving your skin clean and radiant. A healthy complexion is just one of the benefits of olive oils. Olive oil is good for chapped lips, dry and cracked hands, to soften cuticles, and the list goes on. I hear its good for your hair but I haven't ventured off using it on my hair yet. I think I will try it soon and give you an update. Why spend so much money on these chemical products, spas, or facials where you can save and go the natural route. Just a memo, If you cant put it in your body dont put it on your body.

Here are some videos I found helpful that have different techniques on how to use the olive oil. If you have any questions hit me up and I will gladly try to be of help. Stay tuned for more of "Vickys Secrets" (LOL). SHARE THE WEALTH OF BEAUTY:)

"Love the skin your in"