Book Review: Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man.

With a few days left before the movie premiere around the corner, its only right to give my point of view on the actual book that inspired the movie. A few things made me nod along, sometimes I would have a random outburst and say "hey, that's why..." This book had a few pointers that all women should definitely take into consideration. I will share some of the advice Steve Harvey gave.

Now the first thing I had to highlight in this book is in the chapter Ninety-Day Rule. He says..."work hard, prove yourself, get the benefits" Harvey uses a great metaphor to explain this quote... when you are hired for a job you have to work there and do a good job for ninety days straight, good attendance etc. and then you get the benefits. When I read that I was like "AMEN!" A woman today, are giving out benefits before dude even finishes filing the application to the job! Now early in the book, the chapter called What Drives Men which I thought was the most important chapter. Harvey opens up explaining the three things that make a man confident and ready for a relationship, Who they are, What they do, How much they make. After reading that, at first, I wasn't too sure but the I thought to myself, it true! A real man (key word: REAL) who isn't working, has no goals, has no money or has no idea where his income is coming from is not thinking which flower to get you today to surprise you. That man is busy thinking 24/7 "Who I am, What do I do, and How much money I make" and trying to find the answers.

Harvey divides the book into three parts The Mind-Set of A Man, Why Men Do What They Do, and The Playbook: How to Win The Game. This book is a flat out play by play to figuring out the men. He goes into details about many different points of views and different situations we all may go through. If you want to see what other secrets Harvey gave away I recommend this book to you. Definitely a good read. Stay tuned for movie review.

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