A Letter

To Him,

You really love me.
A love I thought can never exist.
You keep every promise you make to me.
You spoil me rotten, giving me everything I need and more.
You protect me.
You provide for me.
You are a faithful and loyal friend.
Always there when I call.
Even when I may ignore you, you welcome me with open arms.
You are patient with me when I am impatient.
You never gave up on me.
You know all my flaws and yet still hold me and call me yours.
You are always there whenever I need you.
Your my shoulder to cry on.
You know me from inside and out.
You love me for who I am and who I am not.
Time after time you forgive me.
You love me even though I forget you.
I'm so sorry...
I DO love you too.
Thank you Lord, you showed me what real love is.