MOVIE REVIEW: post grad

sometimes in life we plan too much. this movie is my life story. many of us actually know what we want. some of us planned and planned but for a reason unknown yet what we want and planned may not happen. this movie showed me and encouraged to know it is OK. many of us know the famous quote from the movie forest gump..."Life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you gonna get" life is full of surprises you really cant plan you just gonna go with flow and live it. most of us are busy planning and not living, missing out on the moments that we should cherish, opportunities that we should grab, loved ones that we regret not giving a chance before they were gone. Love the life you live! Check out the movie on demand... let me know what you have to SAY!!!

quote from movie:
"struggle and strife comes before success even in the dictionary."

"Dont be so busy planning your life that you dont get to live the life you planned." -#JOJOSAYZ