Food For Thought: animal vs human

"No animal is as brutal as a homo-sapien" -90210-

When you hear this what do you think? Is it how (for those who stay in touch with 90210) Naomi is just repeating saying a line from a movie but yet a subliminal message about what she went thru dealing with rape.

Many of us are scared of animals. I go to zoo and get terrified when they say they have tigers in fact Ive been to a zoo with jaguars, we seem to think animals are so brutal but when I see this quote its a reminder that no one is as brutal and cruel as homo-saipens. Animals don't hurt their own. If you ever notice most of the time a lion may not be related but once he sees his kind that's family. he doesn't kill his own kind not to mention the only reason animals kill is to survive and eat not MURDER (RAPE) ETC. they protect their kind. As humans we are horrible to our own kind. When did it get so bad?

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