Book Review: "Be Careful What You Pray For"

First off I am so very excited to start new habits for the new year. I was given the book by my best friend to read the book "Be Careful What You Pray for" To be honest the moment I picked up the book and started reading I was hooked like a soap opera. Being Christan raised in a church I had much experience and knowledge of stories like this so the storyline did seem a bit unsurprising to me unfortunately. But I have to say its a good read. One lesson I got out of this book that we all know but sometimes forget is what you want doesn't mean its whats good for you. The main character in this book like many woman today got caught up in the dream life that she didn't realize her life was a mess. We all do this, asking for luxury cars, handsome or beautiful mates, all the riches... It may be nice but it doesn't mean it will make you happy. They always said "Even the richest man can be the poorest." Also on the other hand we can figure out this book is a Christian book. As a christian myself this book reminded me to not judge someone by their position or title. They are times people have these titles are even labels and we just assume a lot from them. You never know whats going on behind close doors. So I encourage you to get to know the person, either a friend, a mate selection whatever the case may be get to know them first not what they job or position is. On that note, I don't want to give to much giveaways because I actually like this book its a great read I definitely recommend it to others.