Movie Review: What's Your Number

Yesterday I and my friends took a night out and watched Whats Your Number ON DEMAND. I rate 8 out of 10. Some may say it's your typical ending but the story line was very realistic. Many of us women just like her in the movie are very worried about our number and when our time is up. But we have to remember we all have our own time and it will come. Be patient. In the movie, she chases her Ex in hopes so that he can be her future. This movie only confirms my experiences stating you ought to always move forward. At times, it may seem easier just to relive the past but that's the reason why it's called past it is behind us and we can't change that. In the movie, she looked high and low and got back to the Ex she wanted only to find out what she already knew that he wasn't for her. If you think about if he was he wouldn't be your EX. Keep moving forward that's all you can do and work towards the future.


"We walk forward so does it make sense to walk back into our past"