Movie Review: The Vow


I rate a 10 out of 10. Yes, it was that good. I am a romance movie freak and time after time I am left sad and still hopeless feeling this only happens in the movies. But this story was a true story and after watching the whole movie all those tears where gone I wore a smile with hope for my fairytale ending. Although this is a love story, you notice a story line of a girl who forgets who shes is and tries to figure it all out, sometimes even tried to change her destiny but at the end she found herself right back to where she was, where she was destined to be. The movie had a lot of little lessons within bigger lessons. One scene the mother is talking to her daughter and says this line that stay with me that I think many of us in relationships today should think about. "I stayed with him for all the things he did right and didn't leave for the one thing he did wrong" Don't quote me but something similar if not exact. Many of us always forget all the things our partners do right, we focus on the wrong. Even life we tend to dwell on the problems forgetting all the good and wonderful blessings. This movie shows how love conquers all, you could fight it, you can try to force it or even forget it but true love never dies. We tend to always try to control who we love and fast foward to our fairy tales endings. So let love do its job and find its way on its time and its own pace. Don't give up so easily. You will be surprised to see the ending of your story.