#BeingAPA: Girl Talk Takeover HARLEM edition.

The other day was the annual Girl Talk Takeover event. Where Angela Simmons and her partner get together to make a full day event in local boys and girls clubs and get personal with all the girls age 8-16! A day of lots of FUN, full glam (Hair, Makeup and Nails by the pros too lol) Nutrition tips, Sexual Education, Dancing and did I say So much FUN! This event is the most rewarding and one of my favorite days on the job. To be able to make even just a small impact on someone else’s life feels amazing. I'm humbled and grateful to be working and assisting on this project. It's a lot of work but it's worth wild. I don't have it all, I don't even know it all, I am not the prettiest, but to hear someone say “I wanna be like you” is the best feeling ever. It made my day. My ultimate goal in life is to inspire and motivate, being a role model or not even just someone to look at and say she is cool she accomplished that, and I can too!


Check below for some amazing write ups about the event! Can't wait till next time :)