I was able to be a part of the first season of Growing up Hip hop That is to air sometime this fall/winter on WeTV. I dont want to give away to much. Just be sure to tune in on Thursday nights. You will see and understand the lifestyle of the kids born in hip hop industry and friends lol. Being Angela's assistant I got the opportunity to be in some of the episodes. The crew seem to like me, say I was natural lol. (thats what they all say) anyways we traveled and filmed in NY to Miami and LA. This show definitely will be very interesting. I cant wait to watch and see how they edit everything. But I know those bloppers are GOLD lol. Overall It was such a cool and different experience! I loved it, waking up early mornings and staying up all night doing scenes after scenes. Shooting reality is a little different then a movie or show I am sure but this was a little taste and got me interested in wanting to do more. Being in front of the camera was so different from me since I’m such a Behind the scene person it was a little hard to get comfortable. Hopefully doesn’t show to much lol. But after a while I started getting use to it. I like filming and would love to try more of it, maybe be on a sitcom or something who knows but def will start putting my hands into the filming, movie pot. STAY TUNED.