Food For Thought: Look At The View

 New York is one hell of a view. Today was a quieter if you can call it that. Meetings after meetings, for the first time I entered the Empire State Building and got to capture this beautiful view from one of the offices on the top floors. So inspirational just looking at it, when I see all the buildings I look at each one as a ladder. Each floor another step closer to your destination to success. Some buildings are taller others are smaller. But each one is just another destination to overcome. We all have to climb our own ladders. My ladder may be the tallest building and yours may be the shorter one. Dont fear your ladder size at times in these buildings the elevator may be out of order or just slow. Some have the steps some are zooming thru floor by floor. New York where all dreams come true you just have to do you. Dont compare dont look at each others race just keep pushing foward and working your way to the top.