I popped my Barbados cherry. OK first things first, Fair Warning It is Illegal to wear army fatigue in Barbados !!!! I almost got arrested wearing my fav pants on the way to Barbados the minute I landed everyone was starting and someone from the country came to me and told me I better run and change in the bathroom now. I don't know how serious this is but just know I feared for my life the way this lady told me to run lol, so I changed and hid the pants far in my luggage never to bring them out again the rest of the trip. Anyways, Barbados, The home of my fav artist Rihanna!!! HENCE why Barbados is basically everything I love! I enjoyed it a lot. First thing noticed most of these Caribbean places all have a scent, there is nothing like a Caribbean scent when you step out the plane. We didn’t stay too many days but we were able to enjoy the beautiful weather and get this all leisure no appearances no shows just leisure. Being Haitian, a lot of things were similar but different at the same. The way they talk is what I love most, the accent is just so chill and cool lol. The only thing I remember from what I learned was RASSHOLE, hint you can use it in front of anything sorta like an adjective depending on the tone of your voice you can either being cursing or just describing something lol. Of course another fave is their famous Rhum Punch, let me tell you, you don't need anything else after a few cups. Believe me, when I say this… #JOJOTWOCUPS.. We went to beach almost every day of course, the resort had a beach right outside our rooms, the gorgeous scenery, you know we had impromptu photo shoots. Somehow paparazzi found us out there, we can run but we can't hide lol. One day we jump on a boat for a day party where we also got off the boat to snorkel. I got to touch turtles in the water and fishes:) Barbados was so chill. We stayed at the amazing resort, The Crane. Its gorgeously huge lol. Made great friends with the staff, they showed us the ropes and took us to a nightclub outside the resort. Can I say I danced my night away! So much fun, you know I love some soca music lol. Can't wait to go again, and see more:)