Movie Review: Think Like a Man

The highly anticipated movie Think Like A Man premiered this Friday and I have to say it is a must see. I mean, any movie starring Kevin Hart you cant go wrong well most of the time. Based on the book by Steve Harvey Act Like a Lady Think Like A Man, the film introduces four different stereotyped men and the women partners being readers of Harvey's best selling book. When the men learn the women are hooked on Harvey's advice, they try to turn the tables on their mates.                     

The movie was well put together directed by Tim Story with comedy, and romance. In one scenario with the player and the 90 day rule girl you watch him complain about no sex but you see true feelings evolve. The player who wasn't fishing for a keeper end up catching a keeper. Many times this happens, men shows interest but women give it up so soon that he lost interest to continue to get to know you, give yourself a chance let him see you how amazing you are besides sex. Now some may say this movie is anti-men which I disagree, after watching the movie you realize that most relationships today people play games.

All women want is a men to love her and men.... being a player and all that was fun but when its time to grow up, a real men will step up to the plate knowing all that matters at the end of the day is having that someone to go home to.

"Boys shack, Men build homes!"

The soundtrack has various different artist Ne-Yo, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, X-factor Marcus Canty...