Food For Thought: Unforgiving

Yesterday I went to church and the sermon was about breaking the chains of an unforgiving heart. This really spoke to me in many levels because I just like many of y'all are petty, yes I can admit I am petty and sometimes I hold grudges. We have to let things go because when you hold this anger, resentment and hate towards someone else then you are holding yourself bound. You are not living. He explained it like you are putting these people in jail for their wrongs but you have to sit there and watch them 24/7. And you are just sitting there mad and upset guarding your prisoners when you can be out there enjoying life. Let go their wrongs and not your job to punish. Forgive as you would want others to forgive you and like Jesus forgave you for your sins. No, you don't have to forget. The scars will be there to remind you. But thank God you are still here today and you got through it. I have been held captive of these unforgiving chains for years. I had to fully forgive everyone that hurt me in anyway, fully letting go of the pain. Being petty, only took away from my joy. You noticed yourself going hard not to like someone pictures or rolling your eyes, not attending or going certain places because you know they would be there, just bitter. Be happy don't let this person effect you. It's not about the other person it's all about you. Tune out the people who egg it on and try to make you hold the grudge or the persons who call it fake for forgiving the next person. Don't do it for others. Some people strive off the energy and they too will learn it's only effecting them. Half the time the person you hate has forgiven you and you are the only one bitter. If they didn't oh well they will soon learn too. First step to moving on is to forgive. Take that first step. 


"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." -Ghandi


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